After Singapore we headed up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to check out the F1 Grand Prix! If you havn’t noted already, this took place April 2-4 2010. For more details and extras visit my blog

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25 Replies to “F1 GRAND PRIX!”

  1. Keisuke42

    They have cooling suits. And they really only pee if it's an endurance race. Looked like fun though! F1 is coming to Baltimore soon. Which is close to where I am from. =P

  2. bobbyhill601

    @D0mSupra Well, it isn't like you're driving lol. It is still cars going in circles. I bet if there are diving in F1 racing the Italian would be the best at it xD ( soccer joke)

  3. minionarcane

    They don't pee in the car as FIA Scrutineers do take the electronic stats at parc femme. Health levels are constantly checked before their race. They could insert tubes connected to them within their suits to a pack also hidden inside. Don't know if F1 racers continue but endurance racers still use this method. Often F1 racers hv ample time when their cars are at the grid that they could do their thing and return to their cars during the warmup lap countdown. A 2 hrs race isn't too long.

  4. Andy M

    where are the floating question mark boxes and the bananas scattered across the track and the drifting and the… :O HAS MARIO KART BEEN LYING TO ME!?!? IS MY ENTIRE LIFE A LIE!?!?!?!?

  5. Georgia Andrea

    Wow Nadine I can't believe you were here a year ago in my country!! First time watching you video and I thought this is pretty awesome on doing vlogs about traveling. I am going to do around the world trip starting next year and I hope I can do amazing vlogs just like you did!

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