Shanghai Travel Guide

Our Shanghai Travel Guide! It’s finally here, thanks for being so patient everyone. And thanks to our friends at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our Shanghai episode and the rest of Season 3 as we discover a #LifeWellTravelled – find out more at

Shanghai is an intense city on all levels. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the stories, Shanghai rewards the curious traveller around every corner. We spent 5 days exploring this incredible city and we can’t wait to get back.

Thanks to Kyle from UnTour Food Tours for showing us around Shanghai’s incredible food scene. Check them out at

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  2. ew vio

    For the moment please everyone bear in mind that traveling to China is

    placing your body in jeopardy because now 2016 China enacted the " espionage law " which authorizes it to exercise (and ARREST) world wide jurisdiction on any one who in China or overseas is reported as being " anti-China" …

    For example, now because China offers 70,000 dollar reward to any Chinese citizen to report any suspicious Westerner as a potential spy, he can audio record your conversation with local Chinese and send it on a government application and expect to get paid if lucky…….Simple!

    October 2018 China arrested Interpol chief when he short visited China!

    Again, for the moment I will never suggest anyone shoiuld go to China!

    Wait until China self relaxes after a while…


  3. howard c98


  4. Hing Law

    Surely enjoy your destination videos.

    Pardon me that I can't seem to share your enthusiasm for Shanghai, or for that matter any other place in Mainland China, as an excellent shopping spot. Case in point is "A-inventory", a local slang on pirate or counterfeit goods, are simply rampant all around. Even buying brand name luxury products at their respective flagship shops still cannot be 100 per cent foolproof, much less so in other retail outlets.

    Caveat emptor: I may sound overly paranoid and my last time to Shanghai was in 1986.

  5. Josh Pemberton

    I’ve watched this probably 3 or so times now and even though I live here I still find that there’s always something to discover and I’m definitely going to try the food tours

  6. Jiazhe Chen

    This might be the best travel guide I've even seen on YouTube. No shit, no fancy but useless tips that you'll never try to remember, only useful guidance. Keep on, mate!

  7. Wind of Roses

    ★★★ You are ignorant too much. Chinese government is killing a huge number of Tibetans still now !!! Furthermore, Chinese government has been repeating a-bomb experiments in Uygur residential desert where is far from vast Han Chinese residence area. Study about sneaky Chinese truth !!



  8. Child Author Jasmine T. Goins

    My University I attend went to Shanghai to study I missed the class trip because I was in Africa Ghana at the time…I pray to one day soon to finally travel to beautiful China…International Business Major Undergrad at Liberty University,Author, Minister and Substitute Teacher & Inventor Tabatha D.Cain aka Tabatha D.Malik

  9. Anatoly Mazi Moore El

    The VPN Systems, The ATM Machine, The Rail Road System,?!? Who Cares Show me MOOOOOORRREEE OF the City! I

  10. Jack Hsia

    Shanghai es una ciudad internacional,bonita y mona,bienvinidos a Shanghai.我在上海,上海还可以,空时候来这儿玩儿。苏州,杭州就在周围,也可顺带看看。

  11. Ernestjustin Ercillo

    Shanghai is such a beautiful place and in fact I used to live there- till I got dragged to the USA. If you think visiting there is satisfying enough, imagine LIVING there.👍. (I didn't learn to speak English well until I was in 2nd grade😅)

  12. Linda Liang

    WWII destroyed my family, (8/14/1945) the bombardment of the harbor left us with nothing. I've never been to Shanghai, and would love to visit. I would like to locate my relatives….that survived the war. It's murder trying to live with post traumatic stress disorder….it reverberates thru the generations….

  13. U tube Critic

    In your next China visit I would like you to find out why Chinese government banned Facebook instagram n international media’….😀😀

  14. Edmund The Fox

    Hello from the USA. I hope the relationship between us and China get better.

    你好,来自美国。 我希望我们与中国的关系能够好转。

  15. Couture Creator

    I plan to do ALOT! of shopping in Shanghai, wht are their rules about how many goods I can bring back, or how much is shipping. What about if I will have to pay taxes on things Ive purchased coming back to the US?

  16. Jack Hsia

    ..Shanghai es fantastico, bienvinidos a Shanghai,mis amigos todos las pais. Trabajo en Shanghai ahora,tienes tiempo libre en la fin de semana? practiomos espanol en la cafe en Shanghai. hablo ingles,chino y un poco de Espanol y jopan, mi Wechat es muygood, hasta luego.


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