My YouTube Rewind 2018 – Why Did the Year Break Me?

My YouTube Rewind 2018 – Why Did the Year Break Me?

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SOOO muuuuchhh friiiickiiing editing here. Oh boy. Too much for Sorellie bellie. This one took it out of me. haha. I’m excited for those who are watching until the end to share my little secret! Hooray, hoorah!

Legit last year was extremely intense. Maybe I was a little pansy and crybaby and I crumble under pressure. I don’t really care.

I’m excited this year to make my life simpler and hone in on what I really love. About to turn 30 yo! It’s womanhood time and for me, my 30’s I’ve always imagined strong, powerful, fierce and sexy. So I’m getting started on that.

How was your 2018? Happy with it? Any major changes you’d make?

Thanks as always for all of you being here with me and following my journey! Very, very thankful!

Lots of love always,

Auntie Sorelle

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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45 Replies to “My YouTube Rewind 2018 – Why Did the Year Break Me?”

  1. Tracy

    Your personality is very likeable so it is easy for people to want you around them and invite you out so its not a surprise how 2018 turned out for you! I'm sure that you will probably always get invites and chances to do amazing things and it will be hard to say no to a lot of them, but at the same time knowing when to say "no' and recoup before setting off to another adventure is important. That way you can set off anew with your full energy by bringing in more positive vibes. Yeah? betcha already knew that auntie S but just a reminder 😉 xo

  2. Dóra Oltyán

    lol i put the speed on 0.7 and this is the real normal speed of a speaking human being.
    BUT ITS BORING IN THIS WAAAAY. We love you as fast as you are LOL. 😀

  3. Yuneida Guti

    What a journey! Sorelle you are a legend for acknowledging that sometimes you have to slow down and re-center even when all you want to do is keep going. Your meltal health is so important and I hope you find what you're looking for ❤️

  4. Barbara Crane

    WHAT?! U WHERE IN LATVIA ?! OMG, so cool! I am from Latvia and I would of loved to meet you. 😀 :))

  5. Franziska Maria

    You are so inspiring! Honestly, I am in awe. Great artwork, great personality and (because I'm facing burn out too atm) I am glad you are being so open about that. Love your work! But no pressure 😉

  6. timboslice84

    I would kill to meet a girl like you irl.. holy balls u seem chill and fun af.. here from ur wim hof vid btw.. nicely done!

  7. Emma Nicol

    Thanks for living in such a transparent, honest and authentic way. It really is so refreshing. I hope that this year is full of rich rest time and loads of life-giving moments for you 💕

  8. Bailey Bates

    You’re amazing Sorelle!! I have a quest for you- where have you been able to find sustainable jewelry? I’m in the hunt 🙂

  9. taurnguard

    Getting only, at times, sick after all of that that you went through is a miracle in itself. If you can handle it, great. If not, rest, meditate, do what you have to to heal. I'm glad so much wonderful stuff is happening for you. Especially glad you're in love. You deserve it. As far as visiting here in San Francisco? Not sure I can recommend it. A lot of homeless, drug addicts, and apathy. We do have our good areas still but they may as well be put on the geographic endangered species list. I've lived here 20 years, so I know what I'm talking about.

  10. What Zit Tooya

    You have the cutest smile and best facial expressions and your voice and accent are so relaxing I want to be you.

  11. FaszomTelivanGecivel

    "…introduced to the most powerful plant teacher there is…" WTF, Terence McKenna is back among the living?

  12. Alondra Lalala

    Hey! I’m studying physiotherapy and was immediately intrigued when you said what happened to your tail bone, aka coccyx. Have you ever tried going to a physio or a chiropractor and getting a proper manipulation and evaluation of it? They have great physios in both france and spain although in france they are not allowed to do coccygeal manipulations. So i suggest the latter.

  13. Connie B.

    I love you Sorelle! Take care of yourself so we can enjoy more of you for many years to come ❤️ 💜 ♥️

  14. Alan McK

    where abouts in America are you from , you talk so fast I do find it difficult to follow…but I do find your topics interesting

  15. Christian Ferrell

    You're such a joy to watch, Sorelle. I discovered you last year around spring and I can honestly say you're one of the few YouTubers I look forward to watching regularly. – You take risks, you're a student and teacher and give zero fucks. You put yourself out there to the world as you are and that I find refreshing. Here's to good things in 2019, cheers!

  16. Ieva Reinholde

    Hello from Latvia! 🙂
    So sad I didn’t watch Your videos a year ago, it would be amazing to meet You. You inspire me so much.

  17. Kelly Carmichael

    Wow, that is one epic year, with so many highs and a few lows, which we all have! Here's to 2019 and maybe a bit more balance for you.

  18. Sandeep Singh

    I love your YouTube channel and make it a point to check it out whenever i can. Keep going strong. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed always.

  19. Zsuzsanna - MaZterpiece Fitness

    Love this new settings and you are amazing as usual.

    A video idea for you: How to keep plants alive and what plants are require minimalistic treatment? I would love more greenery around but they just die out yours are #JungleGoals  😀

  20. Susanne Mulholland

    I love the background and I love the fact that you do speak quickly. Too many of the other YouTubers I have to speed up to 1.5 because it just drives me insane how long it takes them to get out what they need to say. Having said that what's I finally, one day, get around to start my YouTube channel I probably speak it slowly as everybody else does. You are so inspiring in what you achieve and how you live your life. Love from a girl from the Gold Coast

  21. Carola in Paris

    What a year. I stumbled over your channel for the selfies, and then stuck with it after the iceland adventure. You are doing amazing. Take care of yourself 🙂

  22. Nóra Bujdosó

    Can you do a video about your trip in the USA (sleeping in the back of the car)? I'm planning to do a trip like that and I need to know the DOs and DON'Ts part. Thanks 😉

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