a winter thrift haul & try on

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Hey friends! I’m back with another thrift video! Here are some fun pieces I’ve been wearing and layering as it gets chillier here in NYC. I did some online thrifting and picked up some pieces from stores here in the city!

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29 Replies to “a winter thrift haul & try on”

  1. Jo.Mary

    Hi Elena, if you want to find out more about the meaning of the grey t-shirt, i'd recommend reading "In the distance" by Hernán Diaz! I'm sure you'll enjoy it, it's an amazing book. Also loving the Wrangler Jeans 🙂

  2. Carolina Pinglo

    Love that you are doing another thrift haul ! That’s how I found your channel forever ago ! I’ve tried to get into thread up but I find the prices a bit expensive compared to an actual thrift store. I shop a lot on Etsy for vintage pieces that tend to be more expensive but I can justify it because it’s from the 50-60s (the time eras I look for) But it’s hard for me to pay $25 for a second hand top from Zara when at the thrift store it would be $7-$9. Either way I love that you brought this video back ! I would love to see a thrifted winter lookbook that would be so fun ! 😊

  3. Paola Diego

    Okay… Like.. I LOVE your wranglers. But I have the same jeans, here in my country cost 1 dólar. And It just feel my heart hurting wjen heard $150 😭 but at the same time, I get It. It's new York and clothes has a different value there. even second hand clothes.

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