Guilin is a Dream…

Guilin and Yangshuo are simply gorgeous!

Poppy’s video!

where we stayed:


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Guilin, Guangxi, China 桂林市
Yangshuo, China 阳朔县
Shangri-La Hotel Guilin
Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street
DieCai Hill Park
Crane Cave
Li River 漓江
Yulong Bridge, Yangshuo
West Street, Yangshuo
Jiu Xian Wharf
Yulong River 遇龙河
Xingping, China
Seven Star Park
Seven Star Cave


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intro song: Apart by Noughts
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dreamy song (1:00): Ark One – In Heaven (feat. Talia Georgie) [Ninety9Lives Release]
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upbeat song (2:35): “One More Night” by Dizaro
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beautiful song (3:07): Day 7 – Dream Away
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cave song (10:23): Music: TheFatRat – The Calling ft. Laura Brehm (Boston Remix)
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backing song (0:14): Doing Just Fine (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
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40 Replies to “Guilin is a Dream…”

  1. jian he

    Thank you!I am a Chinese living in the U.S. and I have never been to Gui Lin…and I am a painter… What a shame!  You have inspired me to sharpen my skills and someday I will go there and make lots and lots and lots…. of paintings! Thank you again!

  2. Sanjay Debbarma

    Hi my name is sanjay from northeast part of india 😍😍😍i like you very much I would like to travel like you all around the world omg yahoo

  3. DP Dee

    I have to say, yes that is Guilin, but that is city, you should go outside girls, like a town named Yangshuo not far from Guilin city, but that it’s real heaven.


    Please come to the pakistan and look the beuty places of pakistan you well be very strange and happy after that those aerias Swat calaam malam jabba gighet chatraal sides.these are very beutyfull

  5. Carlos Cruz

    Travellight. (Jordan) the chinese character tatoo you're wearing means F. ourselves Go back to Miami and get yourself a good husband b4 its too late.

  6. 唐帅

    I advise you to make a video about "Jiu Zhai Gou"(九寨沟) in Sichuan province. The scenery will not disappoint you. So, come here to explore it next time.

  7. Bruce


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