32 Replies to “Reclaim 175,200 Hours of Life: 7 Tips To Detox From Social Media And Ditch Your Phone”

  1. Lina Emeralds

    This is a very refreshing video..your energy and personality shines so bright!! thank you for sharing this beautiful & valuable content..

  2. petit adventure

    I wanna stop my addiction of using too much time on social media. Once I deactivated my instagram for 2 weeks and I feel great about that. Hopefully your tips will help me to get off of my phone and living my life too.

  3. Jay_ Jay

    I love your whole existence and videos I wish I could talk to you. You give such good advise and are full of life. You're also incredibly beautiful❣❣ keep posting amazing content for us_❣

  4. Tabitha Bral

    Thank you so much for this video! I recently deleted several apps because they took too much of my time and I don’t miss them at all. Only sad thing is because I study my school basically requires me to be available 24/7 to check mails etc.. otherwise I would just leave my phone at home every day

  5. Rashida Baji

    Hey Sorelle, love to watch your videos babes…you are so cheerful and happy.. Love you because you are so ground to earth 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    And yes im following some of your tips to deaddict ..thankyou.

  6. Madara

    Unfortunately, you can only gain access to reminders and the daily limit on ''moment'' if you have premium. I dont really want to pay just to use an app to its fullest, anybody have other time tracking app suggestions?

  7. eden gale

    Babe awsome awsome awsome. Literally have been waking up in the middle of the night and first thing on my brain sometimes is post this, video that and its exhausting!! Amongst everything that life throws at you "insta expectations" can just throw you into this state of dissatisfaction, sense of lack of accomplishment and rejection. I made a decision the other day to do November as a social media free month, I'm excited!! This video just totally came at the right time and date.
    Love your work!! Xx

  8. Chee C

    Totally !! I turned off all the pings and dings on my phone ! I check my phone three times a day and that's it. I also tried going technology-free for one week. It's weird….you actually become hyper aware of the natural sounds around you…birds chirping, trees rustling……life slows right down….so cool. 🇨🇦❤ NOW..if I could only get this message across to my 14 yr old.

  9. CrowSong Lodge

    I know it's not practical for most people, but I still try to limit most my social media/internet surfing to the computer. I DO use my phone, but if I have a "thing I need to do" (like for business or something), I head to the computer. Watched this video on my computer (and I have the luxury of using a desktop primarily so I can keep work at the desk and play everywhere else!). This way, I'm only hitting the social media on my phone when I'm legitimately bored or need to do something urgently.

  10. stephanie maduro

    You are so inspiring!! whenever i feel down or not creative or feel like i need a peptalk i watch one of your videos and get something from it. I love it! Thank youuu!!!! xxx

  11. Maayke Xxx

    Well I spend a lot of time on Youtube but mostly TedTalks and zero-waste videos is that bad too cause I feel like I'm learning but I also spend a long time scrolling and stuff (through YT)

  12. Robin

    I cut my cell service and use an app that gives me a free phone number and unlimited texts and minutes, but only works when connected to WiFi. This only took me a couple weeks to get used to, and now i have no idea why i would ever go back. I also quit Facebook about 2 months ago. Although my friends humored me, i think they also took it a bit hard. I recommend that anybody, even just for fun, try these things to actually understand the benefits. I should probably also mention i was computer and networking tech with National Defense. I have happily been able to sort out what is good to use and work with and enjoyable, and what is not.

  13. ida

    Me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship and we have the habit of sitting on facetime together for hours, often fall asleep to it too. I don't necessarily use social media that much but I do tend to be on my laptop a lot for other than work and I feel that it's starting to affect me. My ft time with him is sacred but it does require being around my phone a lot. Any suggestions?

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