Travel in Southeast Asia is an experience you’ll never forget, so what’s it like arriving? Our trip to Canggu Bali has begun, this video…⬇ Learn to travel and work from Asia:

Travel to Southeast Asia can be a little intimidating for some, it’s a big trip and for a lot of people the idea of travelling here can be hard to predict – but Bali is on their list of must visits.

We get asked often about travel in South East Asia and what it’s like, obviously our vlogs capture the daily stuff but this trip to Canggu Bali had us hit with the culture shock all over again.

Bali is a magical place, one of our favourites in Southeast Asia, but it is very full on. After a huge travel day from Europe we had no intentions of filming any of the trip, but driving from the airport to Canggu was such a hit, a reminder, a culture shock again that we felt it was the perfect time to capture the feeling of arriving.

It’s our first time making this type of video, but hopefully you enjoy it! Lots more videos to come from Canggu and Bali soon.

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  1. Daneger and Stacey

    Hey! It's our first time doing a video like this – after a huge travel day from Europe we had no intentions of filming anything. But driving from the airport was such a hit, a reminder, a culture shock again that we felt it was the perfect time to capture the feeling of arriving. How'd we do?

  2. Loni & Al

    Whoa !!! WAY more traffic than 18 years ago 🚗🏎🚚🚛🚓🚕🚙🚑❗️❗️❗️Loni:👩🏼‍🦰&Al:👱🏻‍♂️

  3. Dream331

    Hey Daneger! I love this video and the narration style. Works great for the subject matter. Nice to see you guys back in Asia. It’s definitely a huge difference from Europe! My wife and I will be headed back to the Philippines in the beginning of the new year so I know I’ll have the same feeling with respect to how different it’ll be from our trip a month ago to Italy. I can’t wait! Always miss the Philippines. Anyway, this was a very nice video.. Looking forward to the next! 😁

  4. Dave Hooker

    Well packed your winter clothes away back to sleeveless T-shirts and shorts.. yep real cultural shock coming from Europe… Enjoy…

  5. just a thought

    Dane and Stacey hitting the road on their hoglet , braver couple than I on those roads . 🙂 so take stay safe and keep your updates coming in .

  6. Jimmy Nilsson

    Recently arived in Asia for the first time, can certainly relate to this! It is an amazing place though

  7. Rex Waldron

    I can totally relate to this vlog. You describe exactly what I feel when we travel to India to see my wife's family. It's a senses overload experience and a total contrast to Europe. I actually love that feeling of what can almost be described as "functioning anarchy" (I know that's a very European view) that you get when visiting. I would love to see what you guys make of India – it is a full on experience for sure and a continent in its own right. I love it and am always sad to leave. Being there makes you feel really alive!

  8. Sizzlemann

    When going to SE Asia for an extended stay (one area, 1 to 2 months), is it better/cheaper to get a hotel for a couple nights and find something to rent or just book online for the entirety of the stay?

  9. Mysha Art

    Indonesia has a similar flag to Poland. We have white-red. They have red-white 😎 I hope that you will visit Poland again in the future 😉

  10. Globetrotter Travel with Puran & Karen

    absolutely fantastic and fabulous travel vlog. New friend with bell activated. Thumbs up and have a wonderful week ahead.

  11. Sabrina Araújo

    Great script, Daneger! Visuals are also on point. As a fellow traveler myself, this was a super informative & useful video. New fan & sub!

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