Kandy Travel Vlog – Buddha's Tooth Relic | Amazing Golden Caves of Dambulla | Lanka Kand 07

Kandy is known as Sri Lanka’s cultural capital, it also the centre of Srilanka’s Highland. Very sacred, The Tooth Relic of Buddha is kept here. I tried to cover the religious triangle of Sri Lanka but due to bad weather I had to cancel my visit to Anuradhapura but luckily after Kandy, I went to Dambulla and there was a surprise waiting for me… Dambulla Golden Caves are just mesmerizing.

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I Hope You People will love my endeavor in Sri Lanka

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35 Replies to “Kandy Travel Vlog – Buddha's Tooth Relic | Amazing Golden Caves of Dambulla | Lanka Kand 07”

  1. Xtreme Roads

    Cultural corridors of Srilanka opens from this vlog, as I have mentioned in my earlier vlog that Srilankan’s believe in Buddha and 90% of the population are Buddhist. Not only sacred tooth of Buddha in Kandy but oldest Sapling of Bodhi tree is also found in Srilanka and is still existing in Anuradhapuram. Story goes like, Bodhgaya in Gaya district of Bihar(India) from where sapling of Bodhi tree were carried to Srilanka and after that Bodhgaya’s Bodhi tree was destroyed for years and later again Bodhi sapling were brought to Bodhgaya which we can witness in Bodhgaya the place of enlightenment and also recently sapling were again planted in Buddha Smriti Park and CM house of Patna, BIHAR. This vlog will certainly take you in trans towards the positive energy by the end of the vlog.

  2. Kartik Raj Singh

    As an Indian-American, I feel that we (Indians) have forgotten our Hindu, Buddhist, Jain period of history (Period before 1000 AD). We should remember them as it is our history only, not anyone else's.

  3. Mamta Rajput

    Bohot acha vlog tha maza aa gaya dekh ke or esa lag raha tha ki me apke sath ghum rahi hu vaha 😍👌👌
    And you are awesome YouTuber…
    You are rocking🤘🤘👌

  4. Joydeb Roy

    Mam aap jaab Mumbai to kamakhya (12519) ac Express main ayethe kya usme fooding charge ticket main include thaa pure journey mey ? Yeafir fooding charge alagse pay karna para ? Please answer detail mey .

  5. Pooja Kane

    Nice video खुपच वैशाली मेहनत घेतली आहेस video बनवायला .सुंदर आहे श्रीलंका ग

  6. Tilak Mahendra

    Xtreme Roads, Well done dear, I have seen many of your videos. And I cordially invite you to come again to Sri Lanka and make a video with the new train called "Denuwara Manike" which running Colombo to Badulla. Badulla is another beautiful place being waterfalls, sacred places, etc. Thank you!

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