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C a m e r a : Canon M50 w/ 11-22 mm lens
& Canon G7x Mark II
Under Water C a m e r a :
S o f t w a r e : Final Cut Pro X
L i g h t i n g : Natural + Ring Light
E d i t i n g H a c k s :
L o g o : Me

Music by @evangiia – WESTWORLD via @hellothematic

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  1. JasmineAshlea

    That one girl was turrrnntt 😂. I love friendly drunk people y'all seemed like y'all knew eachother forever. That makes the best experiences though! Can't wait for the Ghana vlog!! ❤❤❤

  2. Savi Quin

    So many people glorify and glamorize Pablo Escobar like "Oh he built Columbia up" He was just a psychocric sociopath. I had to stop the vlog after the tour guide talked about how he kidnapped underage girls, raped and murdered them. So effed up!

  3. amber_denise 88

    He's like their hitler and we are all like "he's so fascinating!" 😩😂😂 but I'm sure they know that that's why they do that tour…i guess they say might as well make money off the bastard! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂

  4. Tavia Richards

    Yes, I agree. When on trips if you are tired, rest. In the end you are on vacation and on vacations you rest. I finally learned this on my recent trip to Japan.
    P.S love the ending music.

  5. andi 20

    I told you about Colombia you need to know that people are different in each City in Colombia in medellin a few people specially poor people at admire pablo escobar,but in Bogota you can't say you admire him because people can be rude with you because Pablo Escobar in 1985, 1989 and 1993 Escobar killed more than 7000 Colombian people in Bpgota with hit men and bomb-cars

    And in colombia from 1978 to 1993 pablo scobar with his criminal orgnization and using bombs and hit men, pablo escobar killed more than 46,000 inocent colombian people (children, women, old men, poor people etc)

    To pay for a pablo escobar tour in medellin it is the same that if you pay to a killer to kill a person that you hate
    You pay for admirjng a criminal

    Pablo escobar was not a hero, he really was a criminal in a time where there was not security in colombia
    Even pablo escobar raped more than 1000 grls between 8 and 16 years old and then he killed them

    In america people hate bin laden and i think that for you and for america it wpuld be very offensive if a foreigner tourist visit america telling people that he or she admire bin laden because because he killed more than 2000 americans against twen towers

    it's the same situation

    visit Colombia however Don't Pay to have a Pablo Escobar tour in Medelin, pablo escobar killed our families

  6. andi 20

    I am colombian and I hope one day to visit the United States to know what was the place where more than 2000 Americans died attacked by Bin Laden in the Twin Towers, because I am Colombian and I admire Bin Laden because he killed more than 2000 Americans
    as you admire Pablo Escobar

  7. andi 20

    Did you know that from Missisipi in America including mexico, cental america, venezuela ecuador peru bolivia argentina and chile all those territories wpuld called COLOMBIA in 1798?
    It would be an united and independent empire called COLOMBIA like one country

    Did you know Elhis Presley had a colomjian drummer in h8s band frpm 1960 to 1965? He wws called Guillermo rueda but he was known in the world using the artistic name BILL LYNN
    The Elvis Presley colombian drummer

    Did you know that

    Marlkn Brando, Will Smith , Charlize Theron, Harry Potter, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Pattinson , John Malkovich, Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, Mickey Rourke, Kristoffer Joner, David Morse and other foreigner actors
    were visiting Colombia filming movies
    Don't return to colombia if you admire the criminal called pablo escobar in colombia most people hate him

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