What I Spend in a WEEK as a Millionaire Living in NYC

Here is how much I spend in a week as a 30 year old living in New York City! In this personal finance video I show you my realistic budget and the true cost of living in one of the most expensive cities in the USA.


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45 Replies to “What I Spend in a WEEK as a Millionaire Living in NYC”

  1. Donna Bliss Bautista

    I like your contents. I wonder why you didn’t buy a car if you’re a millionaire? Isn’t that a pre requisite coz you got millions?

  2. Lena Jolie

    I thought you should be calculating what you actually are SPENDING in that day not putting the price on what you already have

  3. Jimmy Svitjod

    7 dollars for a protein shake made at home, what do you put in it? Liquid gold?! Also if you have a gym in your basement why pay for another?

  4. ciel222

    Not everybody spend that much in a week in NYC Erik.
    Not everybody situation is similar as you , so the spending is different .
    Manhattan is the most expensive borough in NYC . I live in the borough of Queens and I don't spend that much in a week , I am able to save and I have a COMFORTABLE life.

  5. drakebiebs

    The best thing about sweden is that we don’t tip! I’ll only do it if the staff adjust to a special order or are overly attentive and nice but it is not expected/obligatory and most students definitely refrain from tipping

  6. Life as we know it

    What's the point of living in NYC if you don't go to the HUNDREDS of BEAUTIFUL coffee stores in the city ?

  7. Billy Tan

    Hi Erik, it would be an inspiring video if you make a video going over your sources of income like Graham Stephan. I am unsure to get into content creation because I fear not being able to pay the bills

  8. Keenan Smith

    "You can't put a price on health".
    That'll be $3,139 per year please not including inflation rates and or decisions to buy a home gym around $5-10k investment.

    Yup there's a price and some aren't willing to pay for it.

  9. darrin1617

    You've came along way since the 200 sq.ft apt. for $1,400 a month. I will assume you have better neighbors now then you did back then, Lol. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your success with us. It's been inspiring, motivational and very educational. I hope you still ride your skateboard, workout in the park, journaling while watching the sunrise and shop at tar-jay.

  10. Neylan Ney

    Erik, just a quick tip on calculating personal finances. The trip you booked is not a recurring cost therefore, you divide the cost of the trip ($1400) by 52, bc there are 52 weeks in a year. The result, $27, will be added to your weekly spending. So, in reality, you actually spent $1837 in a week, NOT $3210.

  11. Userzxcvn

    Wow you're a millionaire ? Congratulations. I still remember your channel from where you got your first apartment

  12. Scratching Beyond The Surface

    In order to be a millionaire you need to be making 20,000 a week. My boy Mr Conover is CAKING!! You go boy!!

  13. DIY Bear

    Can you do a part 2 to this video of how much you earned in this week to give it some comparison, newly subbed so apologies if you have this already. I would assume this spend is minimal compared to what you earned.

  14. Paige Bartleet

    I miss his old nyc vlogs from like 4 years ago. They were so unique and creative, you could tell he put so much heart and effort into them.

    I can’t even bare to watch this new stuff. It feels so processed like every other rich white guy showing off.

  15. Chris Rafferty

    Damn so glad we have the NHS over here in the UK. Your Health Insurance is more than I pay for my Mortgage on my 2 bedroom house in Oxfordshire. Great video again. Love this channel


    You're not a millionaire bud… Just because you have 1 million that doesn't make you a millionaire 😂😂😂 Do you realize how ridiculous this video sounds smh 😂😂😂

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