Vancouver Travel Guide

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Vancouver, what a city. Join us as we explore this stunning Canadian coastal gem.

Easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver is bursting with eye candy AND mouth candy wherever you look. A decidedly multi-cultural city, Vancouver is home to a diverse, cosmopolitan population who have great food, incredible scenery, and a rich culture all on their doorstep.

We meet with Clement Chan of Torafuku to experience the food he creates with local ingredients, Asian influences, and a lot of creativity.

Thanks to our friends at Tourism Vancouver for their help with our Vancouver episode. For more information visit

We flew to Vancouver on Air Canada

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35 Replies to “Vancouver Travel Guide”

  1. BloggerMusicMan

    Thanks for coming to Canada. Loved your show for a long time and it's amazing to see my country shown with such style and even handedness.

  2. dreww1818

    Alex, thank you for visiting Vancouver, B.C. Always enjoy watching your travel show. No one does a travel review of a city like you. Would like to see more reviews of the various cities you travel to.

  3. Nicole preissl

    That wasn't a compass card, that was a fare ticket- the compass card he is talking about are blue (sometimes green) and are a hard credit card plastic. but the rest of the info is correct

  4. Derek

    Lmao I knew you had to be lying about every 100 feet. I'm from Vancouver and I'm trying to remember where the next tim Hortons is besides the one a few blocks away lol

  5. roof pizza

    I was born in Vancouver and now live elsewhere. Not only has the city grown exponentially since I've been gone I still love to take a deep breath of fresh air upon arrival. It's quit unique.

  6. foggymedia

    What a veneer of a presentation. And narrative like "he's not lying", "you get to rider cool mini boats", "creating something delicious", ooo, ahhhh, and blahhh

  7. Nathan S

    I'm Canadian and the tipping culture is out of control now. Often when they give you the machines they give you options that start with tipping at 18%, and the machine calculates the amounts by combining the cost of food AND tax, so you're often paying a tip on an amount that includes taxes. It's a total ripoff. I usually don't tip more than 12%. Canadian servers are paid better than servers in the US, AND we have universal health care in Canada. There's no reason we should be tipping 20%.

  8. Carlover88 Z

    Vancouver is a very beautiful city. It’s too bad you were there to film when it was grey and rainy (which is a lot of the year, I know). I lived in Seattle for 22 years ( HATED every minute of it) , I would escape to Vancouver during the short summers to experience incredible English bay beach sunsets, palm trees throughout the city, wonderful locals who would wear vibrant and colorful designer clothing, locals driving red, yellow, orange and green Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s, incredible little food places along Denman street, fun people watching on Robson street. Vancouver is the anti-Seattle, colorful, chic, international, alive, and beautiful……..I just wish you filmed during a sunny day to capture its crispness, and vitality.

  9. Marcelo Nunes

    If you are visiting BC for the natural wonders, I understand, but compared to Montreal, all other cities in Canada are so boring! You need one day to visit Vancouver, one day for Ottawa, one day for Québec City, one day for Niagara Falls, maybe two for Toronto, but if you take two weeks it is still not enough to enjoy all that Montréal has to offer!

  10. Perdomot

    The tipping section made me laugh because we get a lot of Canadian tourists at my hotel and they are really bad tippers.

  11. Shartacular

    Went to Granville Island for Puffcream on your recommendation today. Thanks for the tip! Love my city even more, now. Cheers!

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