PRAGUE 2020 Travel Vlog – Girls Trip

Hey Minxes, I’m heading to the czech republic, prague to be more specific with the girls. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE to my channel JUSTDOING MI


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29 Replies to “PRAGUE 2020 Travel Vlog – Girls Trip”

  1. Tinker Bell

    Can you do a video on how it has been traveling as a black girl alone? I know you're not travelling alone this time, You're travelling with your sister, but I know you like to travel alone sometimes. I would love to see a video on that. Thanks.

  2. Afrodite by Olympia

    I LOVE your travel vlogs but Sis omg you should come to AUSTRALIA!! If you come to Townsville QLD which is a tropical paradise, you can stay with me!!! But ey even if ya go to Melbourne or Sydney I would totally fly to see you! I have always felt like we would be great friends!! Ps love the outfits and I see that beauty mark yasss! Xx

  3. Tracey Williams

    I enjoyed your vlog…such a beautiful place
    Time for you ladies to really let your hair down and do an island
    Like Jamaica 🇯🇲

  4. VanSista

    I see you are loving the architecture. Have you been to Vienna yet? Not the same but also very beautiful. I could show you around a bit if you ever would like.
    Love your channel. Same dating messes as a black girl in Austria I can confirm – even worse maybe because we are not that many here. 😀

  5. sunny smile

    Mimi! Prague is really beautiful! Hope I can make it there someday. I’m so envious that you guys can relatively easily travel anywhere in Europe.Seems like the best traveling because you were with your sister and bestie and you fashion was lit 🔥 you look really classy and intelligent! (and actually you are)

  6. Helen critson

    I totally enjoyed this vlog. Thanks for bringing us along and sharing these beautiful city with us. My best part is the anonymous bar, Charles bridge and the beer spa. Would love to visit all these places when I go on a vacation there.

  7. Aisha V

    If possible could you do a video on your experience with renting your spare rooms out to tenants, how you vet them etc and the tax implications on whether you think it's worth doing long or short term?


    Loving this girls trip…glad you are feeling better to vlog. Remember, we will always be here for you, sis.

  9. N Y

    Hi Mi, I know we had an argument on the Marco situation, but I am sorry to hear you were feeling a bit down (last vid you made). If I was also the cause of it, I appologize. I never want to make anybody feel bad. Enjoy your trip and hopefully you will find a job you love. Much love ❤️

  10. Rahima Mohamed

    hey mimi. so a bunch of us viewers have noticed that you plaster your friend melissa's face all over your socials but she barely does the same for you. its almost as if she's ashamed to be associated with you….why do you think that is? she probably doesn't believe you are cute enough to make it on her page.

    something to think about.

  11. Simone Wilson

    Love your vlogs, I see what you mean the people in bars and clubs do seem to dress down. Btw, loving your new make up looks and your glowing in the video ☺


    Trust me, the incline on your way to Prague castle is killer!!! I went 2 years ago and I regretted it half way haha but it’s worth it.

  13. Renne Perle

    mimi I have realised that every time you have a break up you go on holiday ?? This seems to be a pattern, I hope your going on holiday to discover places instead running away from your emotions ?? I don't mean to be rude I just care.

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