2 Years Living in a Box Truck Tiny Home Conversion – Tour & Interview

Marc & Jen are an adventurous couple who decided to sell their home, downsize their stuff, quit their jobs, and try something new. They wanted to re-design their lives according to what was most important to them: skiing, hiking, travelling, making music, and being self employed.

They chose to finish converting a box truck into a home on wheels so they could explore van life with their cat Starla and their now minimal possessions.

They’ve driven across Canada 3 times, they’ve lived in Walmart parking lots, at the bottom of a ski hill, in driveways, and in campgrounds; and after exploring many parts of Canada, they fell in love with Squamish, BC where there are loads of outdoor activities at their doorstep, and lots of work opportunities as well.

Jen’s goal is to work as much as possible online. She has a de-cluttering blog and professional organizing business called Clear Your Life, and she also works a combination of VR (virtual assistant) and online professional development jobs, and supplements with part time work in the service industry.

Marc earns a full-time living as a professional musician through his performances in BC and around Canada, as well as with his albums and custom songs.

You can follow Marc and Jen’s adventures at the links below:

Box Truck Tessa

Clear Your Life

Marc Charron Music

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All music in this video by Marc Charron

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

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Travel photos provided by Jen Rao and Marc Charron

38 Replies to “2 Years Living in a Box Truck Tiny Home Conversion – Tour & Interview”

  1. Jeff Tucker

    I liked the Truck build, but what I liked more were the 2 of them in love and living their dream, they seem down to earth and very honest, they actually remind me of my wife and me

  2. New Creator


    I've been subscribed to your channel for some time now, and have been inspired from your videos to also start a channel.

    I was hoping you could help me grow by clicking my subscribe button. Thanks

  3. Danny Peter

    That pass through is one of the major things for me. I do not own a truck yet, and have limited to my searches to vans. Would love to know more about the pass through.

  4. garth locklin

    I agree, no holes in the roof; I have a wood stove also and have had it in 3 of my homes and 1 shop. I always put and elbow chimney thru the side on the house; that punch out enclosed stainless steel box was a great idea. Same as my house, sometimes it gets too hot and I have to open the windows or use the fan. I camp part time in a Prius but I really dig the Sprinter box truck!

  5. Mo Re

    I have an rv and have modified it more for winter… constant battle of engineering…I love the stove and have wanted one and might be able to make one work liky you have …what is the fuel? Do you make that yourself? Great video…thanks.

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