New York City Budget Travel Challenge – 2 Days 2 Ways

New York City Budget Travel Challenge – 2 Days 2 Ways Part 2
See Part 1 here:

See the Coin Flip Trip here:

Helicopter over NYC:

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$40 Airbnb Discount:

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19 Replies to “New York City Budget Travel Challenge – 2 Days 2 Ways”

  1. Michael Guzman

    Very cool video. I did something similar before, it great to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Anyway, safe travels and enjoy Columbia for the 3rd or 4th time.

  2. Goodi2shooz

    How to spend $500 in New York in the most reasonable, fun, charitable and cool way possible ! I love how absolutely down-to-earth you are. And Luke was absolutely amazing and I hope he succeeds very well in his endeavors and maybe someday we will get to see him again. Another fantastic video from Yaloman !

  3. Now in Lao

    You and Jimmy in Colombia…!? Lol Look out here's trouble. It's been a while bro, but i really enjoyed this vid. Very generous of you Steve.
    Take care man.
    Todd 👊

  4. ryckroldan

    With $500, I anticipated you'd splurge and go the Kardashian route, and you did with the copter ride, it's awesome;;;;..but then you countered and made a whopper of a kindness gesture by sharing your windfall to the unfortunates!!! Much RESPECT..

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