ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Unleashing the Power of the Wild Woman (Nature Self Portrait Ideas)

ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Unleashing the Power of the Wild Woman (Nature Self Portrait Ideas)

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Well…this is something new for me. I decided to step it up a little with the Advanced Selfies and theme it with the Wild Woman story. Interesting results. Not so sold on the whole experience thoughtfully but you know…you have to keep trying new things and keep learning! The more you experiment and learn, the better you will get long term.

Sorry not sorry that the photos aren’t top notch here. If you’re new to this channel, I’m usually a bit better 😉

The Advanced Selfie is a very random term I coined which is basically taking (usually) breathtaking selfies that look like they belong in magazines! And the best part…you take the photograph yourself from start to finish, total creative control. If you’re like to learn how to take your own Advanced Selfie – check out the link at the top for my Advanced Selfie University. All the info you need is in that course.

Here is the Aubrey Marcus Podcast I referenced:

I hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know which photo was your favourite!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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39 Replies to “ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Unleashing the Power of the Wild Woman (Nature Self Portrait Ideas)”

  1. Andrews Tales

    hi, great video, i love your honesty and perspective. you're videos are helping me pursue my ambitions of building a business and becoming a digital nomad. i suffer with social anxiety and depression so putting myself out there on social media is daunting. I am however practising being in front of the camera. thank you for the inspiration and ill see you out there in the wild.

  2. Emane B.

    It definitely was a weird video but I love to see the process behind such a creative picture you came up with! The palm tree photo was my favourite ♡


    “today i’m not sorelle… today you can call me by my jungle name… CHRISTINA”
    you don’t even know how much i’ve laughed

  4. Kristin Carreno

    I really enjoyed your crouching tiger hidden dragon pose. Your really inspiring me to take more creative selfies. Really like your energy and spunkiness.

  5. Autumn Simons

    Sorelle, as an influencer, I really think you should take better care to understand these moments where your whiteness allows you to do things like try on this "wild woman" character. Tribal makeup is not something white people should wear as costume nor is indigenous culture something for you to borrow. You advocate "doing your research," but I think you need to do some research on your position of power and on your position as a cisgendered, white woman. So many people admire you and value your content, including myself. We all must work on ourselves and understand our priveleges, but influencers have tremendous amounts of public power and can truly shape and challenge the public's view. Unfortunately, it seems that few are for inclusivity and diversity.

  6. lilykoi hawaii

    First, I adore you and your videos. Your creative spirit feeds mine and I so appreciate that you share your process. I love the inspiration for this video – that podcast discussing the suppression of the feminine – but I think it's vital to remember that INDIGENOUS WOMEN have been, and continue to be, deeply and painfully repressed by colonialism. White women dressing up in "tribal" outfits/makeup (which are often bastardizations of deeply sacred, ceremonial adornments) is part of the repression of their feminine. It's easy to be unaware of the significance of our actions in this way, since this is so rarely talked about, and so rarely heard, by white women. Our Indigenous sisters are not costumes.

  7. Clef DSouza

    The outcome of the shoot is brilliant. I love how expressive you are. It reminds me of when I tell peeps that a model should sometimes be an actor. She should be able to to pose, not just in cliche ways but must truely understand the essence of the concept behind the shoot. You have executed this well. Can't wait to see your pics on instagram.

  8. Neina Abdallah

    Ahhhhhh the last one was AMAZING ! great gob Sorelle keep going and keep embracing that wild wild women inside you and supporting other women you’re awesome love you ❤️

  9. Ximena Díaz

    Hi, What about a video showing us all your equipment, mic, camera, tripods, all that stuffs…
    You are really encourage me to be a nomad, i love all the things that you do

  10. Ann Andrew

    Any amateur photographers want to be in an Instagram group or something where we share photos, critiques, videos we find helpful and just positivity in general? Let me know and comment your IG name!

  11. Suset Bebelagua

    This video was incredibly cringey, and honestly am kind of surprised it's still up? White woman dresses up in tribal makeup to "unleash wild woman inside." It's 2018 and somehow you've completely ignored the pleas from cultures that ask white people to stop using harmful stereotypes as costumes.

  12. Silje Wold

    I think you did more Sorelle in this than wild woman, and kind of lost the true meaning behind the shoot, wich made the pictures, well, not that good. But my favourite is the scream, it's the only one that gives me the tribal, nature, jungle feel. I hope you do this challenge again some time🙂🐒🐺🦊🦁🐯🌴

  13. Alexandra Prochshenko

    Hi Sorelle, you are very sweet and a great person, and I believe you had no bad intentions, but please, be careful with cultural appropriation. It's a fun costume for you that you wear to feel "savagy" and "sexy" and then take off, and you are a respectable white woman again. Indigenous women can't take it off, so they always stay objectified and fetishized. Even police officers will never treat you as they treat Indigenous women, who they believe are "savages" and "whores." Sorry for bringing this up.

  14. Vincent LS

    Well, I don’t really have anything to say except that the last photo is probably the most beautiful photo of you I’ve ever saw. So… successful challenge !

  15. Gabrielle Seijas

    Hi Sorelle, since I'm following you literally everywhere and I love your content, I feel like I learn a lot from you and my pictures are definitely better, when I first started with my advance selfie journey I had a lot of likes and my growing was great. But a couple of months ago Instagram change de algorithm and idk why this affected me really bad, now I don't have much likes and my content is still the same. I've never paid for followers of likes I do everything myself. Can you help us with a video about this? Have you heard about this? I'm so sad because I used to get at least 150 likes or more and now I barely reach 20 likes! I wanted to quit to Instagram for a couple of days because is not even fair! 🙁 Can you make a video about this? Thank you I love you

  16. die Superhenne

    So here's my take on her makeup and hairstyle so many seemed offended by… keep in mind that I'm completely european, so I don't experience any kind of opression as an indigenous woman would (and I for sure acknowledge that!). Pls also don't forget that it's just my humble opinion lol.
    There are soooo many cultures all over the world with facepaint and feathers as a form of jewellery (don't know a better word) in present and historicaly, that I would consider this form of expression as universally human. At least in theory. I know that many westeners looked and still look down on indigenous people and their appearance, considering them as underdeveloped savages or making fun of them which IS NOT OK! Thing is, I believe sorelle to be culturally openminded and accepting. She didn't make fun of tribal makeup and face paint, she embraced it, for her it was expression and a symbol of how she would embody a wild woman. As far as I know she didn't copy a specific culture (which clearly would be cultural appropriation), she also didn't label it as such.
    I agree that it is a very generic and maybe "basic" way of representing a wild woman, because it focuses on outside appearance rather than personal strenght. Still, it's how she wanted to express herself.

  17. kat on travels

    Hey Sorelle! Do you have an e-mail where I can contact you? I spent last week in FIJI and took A LOT OF ADVANCED SELFIES and a lot of them are quite similiar to the ones you took in Bali, they were actually kinda my base haha; and I wanted to ask if you can look at them and criticise them😍 That would be amazing as I really put a lot of effort in the shootings and you are my absolute role model, so the best way to learn would be to hear your opinion!😊

  18. JoyfulSelah

    I really liked the makeup on your forehead, but yeah, a lot of people think that photography takes no time at all and that’s simply not the case. 😊

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