Running Late Makeup Tips | Look More Awake!

I hope these 6 easy steps help you out when you’re running late in the morning! I understand that this might be your everyday look anyways, but i wanted to help those who asked 🙂

These steps took me about 3 minutes to complete all together without filming!

If you need some “Running Late Hair Fixes” watch this video for about 8 hairstyles that take only a few minutes 🙂

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Instagram- tesschristinexo

Products used:

Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector: Light/Medium Bisque
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer: Light/Medium

Benefit Brow: Light/Medium

Nars Blush: Deep Throat

Tom Ford: Illuminator
*I also use the mac mineralize skin finish: Soft and Gentle

Nude Eyeliner-
Rimmel London

Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Revlon Eyelash curler

Rosebud Lip Salve

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored

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42 Replies to “Running Late Makeup Tips | Look More Awake!”

  1. LadyVenom Way

    For the brow gel do you recommend getting darker shade for black eyebrows? dont want to look like a clown though

  2. Taylor Eisler

    Another random tip: if your eyes get puffy when you wake up (or from lack of sleep) hold something metal on it. I put my tweezers in the fridge overnight when I know I have to get up early and have somewhere I gotta be! (:
    Btw, I just found you tonight and I LOVE your videos!

  3. Schae Kneeland

    I personally never wear mascara if I'm really tired. I'm way too scared of rubbing my sleepy eyes and getting mascara everywhere!

  4. Laura Schmitt

    you say you need makeup makes you look more pretty but I honestly don't see a difference. I don't see a point for makeup and thin that no makeup is wayyyyy prettier than makeup even if it is only concealer, blush, mascara, etc.

  5. Giovanna Basso

    Ilysm tess! Your awesome, I just noticed you remind me of Spencer's sister Melissa in pretty little liars❤️

  6. Faduma Mohamud

    I realized that she said "awake," a bunch of times. Even though the video was amazing I just had to comment on that. 😉

  7. stelli kim

    Omg ! This is my favorite one ! .because i am kind of girl who doesn't like using makeup .actually, i am not interesting in using make up. But because my face have so many annoying pimples , i must cover up that . I have seen some video of makeup tutorial . But , there is no tutorial make up when we got really worst pimples . I mean not only to cover it but also how to use the right make up so it won"t getting worse. I hope you will make that video for me . Please use the simplest one .thanks alot tess 🙂

  8. Shelby A

    I really liked her running late hair video it helped me a lot and it helped me doing my cousins hair in the morning so if you guys need hair help  take a good look at that video.

  9. MBisgarbo

    I'm not a huge make-up person, but his is the perfect amount of make-up for me! Most videos they put so much foundation and eyeliner on, I can't handle it! This is a perfect every-day look in my opinion.

  10. Sophie I

    You are so stunning with and without makeup!!! You are also really positive and fun to watch so you just gained a subscriber

  11. Amy Lu

    love how you just did one side of your face to see what a difference the make up did 😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Natalie Gardner

    I'm emo lmao, why do I assume this will be helpful. I just need to get a blunt af eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner and I'm set.

  13. Emily Nicholls

    looks like I just found my new every day makeup routine.. I always wake up short of time but that's because I intend to because I value my sleep and I'm trying to be quicker about getting ready 😂

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