5 Self Love Habits That Transform My Life

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Today I am talking about self love! I find this is something we constantly have to work at. Being confident comes from within, but that also means being happy with your outer appearance. In todays video I talk about how I deal with this AND habits/tips that help me love myself to the fullest!

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30 Replies to “5 Self Love Habits That Transform My Life”

  1. Jonathan Swain

    The selfishness bit, I actually laughed coz I relate to that and it makes me feel like such an asshole. Like you said, it’s all about giving something back which is what I’m doing more of and trying to be a more relaxed and thoughtful person to others needs.

  2. Rose Woods

    That last tip was actually great! We always talk about how we can be kind to ourselves and what we can gain from it. I forget how good it feels to be good to others.

  3. cameron kbrink

    idk if you know this or not but the CVS video is marked as "unlisted" and titled "CVS Edit 2" just wanted to let you know <3

  4. Brittany Nicole

    Normally creators can’t incorporate sponsors into their videos and make them fluid. You killed it at this one!

  5. Emma Roeder

    thank you sooooo much, i really was hoping you’d put out a video like this. ❤️

    also, the pink sweater is 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Avery Simmons

    For real, we could learn so much from dogs. My little doggo has taught me so much about what love is supposed to be, about enjoying the small things, taking time to stop and smell the flowers… Dogs are amazing <3

  7. Soarin' With Lauren

    This video helped me out so much. I've recently been trying to get myself out of a funk I've been in and these tips really do help. I may or may not have taken a trip to Seattle too….

  8. Chloe Elberger

    I’m like 3 years older than you. I’m married and I’m a mom. And I always feel like you’re older than me. Not in a bad way. I mean this as a total compliment. I feel like I lack.. not maturity.. but like, your essence of professionalism 😅

  9. Kevin Myers

    These are not 'weird' tips! We all know (within reason) that we should be doing these things, but sometimes all it takes is someone else talking about it to confirm what we may be second guessing ourselves

  10. SandraDeeBeauty01

    Where is the CVS link to the beauty look?? It's so pretty. Thanks Monica for this positive video.. Self 💘…

  11. Aileen S

    I’m lowkey confused about the CVS part. born and raised in Seattle but I’ve never seen a CVS here. We have barrel drugs, rite aid, and Walgreens. Is there some secret CVS that I don’t know about???

  12. Ryan Dimal

    You’re always welcome to be my valentine. I’ll even send you a pizza for the occasion. Just let me know what pizza place chain is nearby. I think I can get you a gift card to use to order with. Idk, I’ve seen people try and do it off of reddit. And I see a happy belated birthday as well to you and your sis.

  13. scott a

    Self loving can be a challenge for me. Totally agree, being concerned with outer beauty doesn't mean a person is being shallow! Speaking of challenges…if you see this comment…will you be doing that Seattle Stair Climb charity thing for cancer again? I believe it's coming up soon?

  14. Devaki Purohit

    Monica, no hate at all but, why don't you reply to your comments? Even atleast the first few! You wonder why your views are going down, but I think having great videos is not enough! (You do have great videos and I love watching you) but it's feeling connected to you! Just a question I have!

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