Everything I’ve Heard About Beijing Was Wrong!

Beijing was pretty much the opposite of what I had been expecting, or had heard about! Has anyone been? What do you think?

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“Cinematic” by Eventide
“Green” by Eventide

fun song – “Where U Want” by AVTV

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Tiananmen Square song – “Why We Lose” by Cartoon ft. Coleman Trapp
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city of Beijing, China 北京市
Forbidden City (Palace Museum) 紫禁城 / 故宮博物院
hutong alleyways 胡同
Beihai Park 北海公园
Tiananmen Square 天安门广场
Dongzhimen area 东直门

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35 Replies to “Everything I’ve Heard About Beijing Was Wrong!”

  1. Bernard Sullivan

    been watching your reviews and i love them,but i need to say this you have such beautiful eyes i hope I'm not offending anyone.

  2. 赵磊

    this is great video, I've never got the chance to visit the Palace Museum either, heard it's really a brilliant museum.

  3. qi liu

    I am from China, and I can't believe right now I am in Boston watching you guys going to Beijing lol.
    Well, last semester in college.

  4. Peter Wong

    That hobit door you were referring to…. I bet the hobit copied it from China. The Chinese has been using that type of entrance for thousands of years. Anyway enjoy your travel in Beijing.

  5. peter hung

    Seeittobelieveit,that is my Country! Modern China, modern thinking with 5000years of history of very interesting cultures of 56 ethnic diversify minorities!!

  6. SohaiL Rehman

    I Travelled China more then 12 times still I m feeling I only like China and will travel Again Miss u China 🇨🇳🇨🇳

  7. 唐帅

    Could you please make some captions in your videos on the screen? My English is not good, I can't catch the whole meaning what you say.

  8. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    You are teaching me how to see the world in a awesome positive way.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  9. 吃茶猫

    When you are in forbidden city , people around you are most Chinese tourists and they know as little as you do. However, the instruction can be better designed. Have fun!

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