grwm for a night out in nyc!

Get ready with Jenny and me for a night out in New York City! I’ve been wanting to make a lil fun, casual video like this for quite sometime and I hope it’s useful for those who have asked about what NYC is like or you just enjoying hanging with Jenny and I!
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50 Replies to “grwm for a night out in nyc!”

  1. madelinehixon

    agh . i just love your vibe . if there is ever a chance you would ever want to grab coffee and chit chat travel & youtube & living in nyc let a gal know ! i know its a long shot but hey , why not !

  2. Victor Lui

    Cool video Elena. Jenny is in the video! How did you meet Jenny? You to seem to get along good. Oh, you should do a full out club and night out on the town video! 😆😍🖤😈👊🍄🍻🍺🥂🍷🥃🚬

  3. Layovers And Lattes

    Moving from California to Madrid was the same feeling! People here stay out until the metro opens back up at 6 am, and I feel like sometimes I can keep up but others my little California clock kicks in and feels like the bar is gonna close at 2!

  4. Martine Aston

    3:00 I'm french and I hear some lyrics and thought ohh it's weird I understand very well for a background music and after I realized it was in french 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂

  5. Marta

    love this!!!! But hey if you think that´s going out late…. Here in Spain is even crazier, people usually start to go out at like 1 (or even 2 some crazy ones!) and stay until like (this is like the norm, 5-6) and 7 and then sometimes literally go to have breakfast hahahah

  6. Miriam Hänle

    It’s so funny how you make it sound like staying out until 4-5 or even is super late. In Europe it is totally normal to stay out until that time, I wouldn’t consider that late at all.

  7. Klara

    I'm from austria and it's completely normal to go out till 4 or 5. I usally go home at like 2 bc my mom forces me too but i'm always on of the firsts one to leave

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