Top Travel Destinations: 7 INCREDIBLE Places In BONAIRE you WONT BELIEVE EXIST! This extensive list from a recent trip shows you the top 7 most incredible places on the tropical Island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, one of the top Travel Destinations in the World!

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Erik Conover is a NY-based social media personality, content creator, global adventure filmmaker and model. His YouTube channel is currently at 222K subscribers and 44M views. Conover shares video journals documenting his travels, life in the city, and personal milestones. Erik has been featured by WWD, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler and Passion Passport to name a few.

Tony Anderson – Eyes Wide Open
Tony Anderson – Dreamlife
Ikson – Sunshine
Bastille – Flaws (Deep Chills Remix)

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28 Replies to “Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places In BONAIRE you WON’T BELIEVE EXIST”

  1. Curacao Taxi Service - 1 Taxi Curacao

    Very Nice Video Erik, Bonaire Is Beautiful, Have Been There Many Times! Keep Making Nice Videos And We Hope you Visit Curacao Too One Day Cheers Bro 🙂

  2. kathy flores

    I love your vlogs!!! They’re never boring & the little facts you include about each place is sooo interesting !! Can’t wait to see where you travel to next !😊

  3. Farah zadi

    Incredible amazing video Erik!!!! God bless you and keep you safe while traveling!! These videos are among most amazing travel blogs i have watched..and I watch ton of them on youtube. Keep up the great job!!!!

  4. Kyle Stansbury

    we have a vacation home on Bonaire…when you return, let me know…we can hook you up with a great place to stay!

  5. Petra Etmon

    Wow Erik, What a great video. I am Dutch and live on Bonaire and I must say you captured our island perfectly! The information you give is accurate, you know our history and it is easy to the eye. Thank you for this beautiful capturing of our Island!

  6. Nico Ritter

    i was there in family diving holidays many times… to see your video nearly makes me cry because bonaire's like a second home for me…

  7. Jim Roc

    I’ve been to Bonaire it’s sad looking at all those little slave huts To think they actually had families living in them. I went just for the diving. Also went to Curaçao Enjoyed their Spanish and Dutch architecture.

  8. Johnny G

    I visited the ABC islands just because of this video, and lets just say this video can't even compare to how beautiful the island is, and this video is amazing!!! Thanks for shedding light on the divers paradise!!!

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