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My EPIC end of year 2016 TRAVEL SUMMARY video montage! This is all the awesome travel places I’ve visited this year.

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Sony A7S II
Rode VideoMic Pro
GoPro HERO 4 Black
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

♫ MUSIC ♫ – Struck By You – Simon Gribbe


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29 Replies to “OMG this YEAR of TRAVEL…”

  1. Designing Life

    Omg such a great little montage! I loved it… you have great taste in music btw… whos singing? I love the song.


    ahhhhh suchhh an inspiration. I just quit my job and started a channel to show my family where I go. Videos like this are everythinggg.

  3. Sami Holzman

    I aspire to travel as much as you someday. your videos are quality, inspiring, and so-well shot. love it!

  4. Jody G

    I did lots of travelling myself last year but I've been feeling a bit meh about planning anything for this year as there isn't anywhere I was dying to go. However, your video has just given me so much inspiration to start planning again <3

  5. Following Jesse

    Hey Nadine! Been following your channel for years now, and you've inspired me to start my own travel channel/blog. Would really appreciate if you could check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂 Thanks

  6. Aubrey R

    I have no idea how you travel so much but, I would love to be able to do that! I want to see the world so badly!

  7. Jessica Benson

    I love traveling and you have inspired me to take my channel down the travel route! I already have a few travel related videos up! I loved this video <3

  8. Acdragonrider Videos

    My travel logs were more about historical sites. I made them like documentaries on what everything was not a montage.

  9. Eve Mary

    Love your channel Nadine! This video is my favourite! My goal is to do what you do in the future, I'm incredibly excited🎉✨

  10. Affan Arsalan

    hi Nadine! i love to travel and i travel after getting salary! can you please tell me that what source do you have to travel. i mean Money- where from coming to you?
    and Are you travel alone ?
    Thanks You

  11. Antonia Lira

    My university appears in your video 😉 I still haven't made travel videos on my own country yet but when I return, I'll definitely make more. Glad you enjoyed it!

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