Travel Vlog :Oran || Oran City Algeria الجزائر🇩🇿

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Oran is the second largest city in Algeria, located in the NorthWestern regions of Algeria with a population of over 1.4 million.
Oran is one of the most visited cities in Algeria , Due to it’s tourist site, ancient buildings such as The fort of Santa Cruz , the chapel of Santa Cruz island, located at the Mont Murdjadjo also Museums and many other historical futures.I has an amazing experience visiting the Oran city, especially in places such as Santa crus fort and the Chapel, the old city, the biggest mosque in Oran, the city center the Oran streets, I was also fortune enough to go around town during the night time.

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43 Replies to “Travel Vlog :Oran || Oran City Algeria الجزائر🇩🇿”

  1. iMed iMed

    Translated english version

    Welcome to Algeria are at home .you are in Africa ^ _ ^
    But please make more effort as to how to dress … some may interpret it as a lack of respect for them … let's not forget that Algeria is a typically Muslim country
    Even if I’m sure it’s not your goal at’re just great 🙂

    Have a nice trip in Algeria

    French non translated version
    Bienvenue en Algérie ..vous êtes chez vous .vous êtes en Afrique ^_^

    Mais s'il vous plait faites plus d'effort quant a la manière de s'habiller … certains peuvent l’interpréter comme un manque de respect envers eux … n'oublions pas que l'Algérie est un pays typiquement musulman

    Même si j'en suis sur et certain que ce n'est pas du tout votre but..vous êtres juste formidable 🙂

    Bon voyage en Algérie

  2. A m i n a

    Sis i truly loved your video it was relaxing and really beautiful to watch. also don’t pay attention to people who tell you how you should be dressed wear whatever you want. keep doing what you love and what inspires you 💛

  3. Torki Abdala

    وهراني وافتخر مغلطوش كي كالوا باريس 2 مدربتيش كارنتيك تاعنا ولا نكولك فطري عند لبيشري تع ماني و روحي حوسي في خوجا و درب و مدين جديد علابالي ماعرفتيهاش خطر صحاب 31 يعرفوها دورا وقنة

  4. Zah Ra

    Hey, you're so sweet💕
    if you want to deal with Algerians you really have to grow thickskinned, I've got a couple of friends from african countries and trust me I know how much you're struggling here
    Anyways indeed Oran is an amazing city, and so is your video.

  5. Houcem Houcem

    لي باغي يتشهر كامل يجي للجزائر يدير فيديوات باش تطلعلو نسبة المشاهدة باسكو علابالهم بلي الشعب الجزائري شعب مخلوع وتتحللو كي يشكروه هاذي هي الحقيقة آمن ولا كريپي حواجبك 👌

  6. ملكة في بيتي

    Oran is my city and yeah i agree it is the Most beautifull city in Algeria
    You know what the name Oran means ?? Two lions yep wahran in arabic means two lions and it is known by lions that's why it was named Oran and i can tell you there are more wonderful places in Oran you didn't see next time you visit Oran you should go to the beach side Ain turk and andalous

  7. O'Connecting Worldwide

    Spent 8 years in Algeria and never been to the West Side (Tlemcen, Sidi Bel-Abbes, Mostganem, Oran…) and the South. I knew so many people that were staying there for College.
    Been to the Eastern part and Central though.
    Whenever I come back, I think I'll head to the west first.
    A beautiful country, I've always mentioned it and really meant it.
    The different cultures, the views, the level of education and so on so forth.. Quite impressive.
    Thank you so much young lady for bringing some memories and making us travel through your outstanding videos.
    Well done! 👏
    By the way, are you from Nigeria?

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