A DAY IN THE LIFE – CHIANG MAI DIGITAL NOMAD | Thailand Travel Vlog 123, 2018 | Chiangmai

Chiang Mai is a digital nomad go to spot – in this vlog we share our day in the life as Chiang Mai digital nomads⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

While back in Chiang Mai we thought it would be a good time to tackle a common question – ‘whats a day in the life like?’. We’re back in Thailand, and Chiang Mai in particular, because it’s a common spot for digital nomads to travel in 2018 so it’s the perfect place to be based.

Today’s travel vlog will take you along with us around Chiang Mai, filmed in 2018, to showcase the life of a digital nomad behind the scenes.

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39 Replies to “A DAY IN THE LIFE – CHIANG MAI DIGITAL NOMAD | Thailand Travel Vlog 123, 2018 | Chiangmai”

  1. Inside Our Suitcase

    Thanks for sharing guys. We've spent a lot of time in the south of Thailand – currently in Bangkok but need to visit Chiang Mai soon. We've heard so many great things about this part of the country, especially for nomads! We're looking forward to the Q+A 🙂 Here's to the road to 20k!

  2. Travellers Relish

    One thing I completely love about this is the laptop stand. How we didn't know about it is a mystery. It saves alot of discomfort. Your day in the life is super chill love it

  3. steve travese

    I dont know reporters and anchormen dont have these kind of harsh voice…. simple to make hearing interesting.

  4. Kymela

    Love this kind of video! And I'm always so amazed seeing how much things cost in Asia! Meal for two for $3.5? Yes please! 😍

  5. Itz Laton

    Loved this style of vlog! You should do more of em. Try showing us what the walking streets and other activities are like as well. Im sure We'd love to see those

  6. OneEyed Jack

    Gives you an idea of just how expensive 💲💲food can be here in the U.S.. I think the two of you spent all of $7 for two meals, you would be lucky to get a meal at McDonald's much less a regular restaurant, here in L.A. for one at that price. 😎👁🕵️‍♂️

  7. leila hellier

    I enjoyed watching your day in the life video very nice, can you tell me the name of that new place that has just opened up at the end of the video please

  8. Divert Living

    Wow thats a killer deal for 110 Baht! Great find! The stands are nice especially because it lets your laptop get a lot more air! I just don't know if i could see myself carrying a keyboard around!

  9. Nomad Global

    you're fantastic all you make me smile just looking at you … you and I could break everything believe me!😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤛

  10. defunkedyou

    Went to ChiangMai September last year. Lovely place. Your video made me think to go back to place real soon. 🤔

  11. Silvestras

    Dude, don't use those water filters – nobody is cleaning them and it's a huge source of bacteria. Buy bottled water if you can afford it lol


    Really cool behind-the-scenes view of what your day-to-day life looks like! And all that food looks amazing!!

  13. hikexplore

    New Subscriber! Q: When you decided to become a Digital Nomad, how much money did you first have when you first arrived in Thailand? Just trying to get an idea on how much I need to save. Great video and can't to check out more of them 🌎

  14. Ben Curaza

    Enjoy Both video types Day in the Life of D. and S. Travel Vlogs. Your screen interaction.personality presence along with Great content so Enjoyable. Continue to Share 🙂 Thank you !!!!

  15. steveostermeier

    What gym do you use nearby? Spent the last 2 days apartment hunting and seeing what pools and gyms are available. Ill be in almost the exact same area for the next month. Unfortunately not the palm springs

  16. Gina Williams

    This post was RAD! We're about to do the digital nomad thing for the first time on Friday for a month, or so in Thailand. So, some great tips! 🙂 Definitely going to get a laptop stand. Do you recommend getting from duty free, or just on the ground?

  17. NoMadMan

    I love how you actually showed the downtime/behind the scenes looks like. Not just the cut and polished scenes of exciting stuff! 🙂

  18. Rafael Lopes

    D&S.. Visiting Chiang Mai soon. Loved how real the vlog was. Cant all be exciting 24/7..
    What neighborhood were you staying at?
    How much was the rental?
    Keep the vlogs coming. Love them.

  19. am I right ?

    Can I experience that kind of life?
    I think digital nomad life can be realized If someone has skills about programing, online marketing,, ETC.
    Im working as an accountant, so Im wondering if I can be a digital nomad.

  20. Kimberly Cross

    I am about to embark on my digital nomad journey and love seeing what people's routine is in advance because I am feeling a little bit scattered. Good video y'all!

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