come thrifting with us in nyc | ep. 9

I finally went thrifting in NYC and brought you guys along!

Check out Hitomi !!!!!!!!!

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That’s The Way I Like It- KC & the Sunshine Band
Make Space- De Lux
Homie- Ukiyo
Ladies Night- Kool & The Gang
Timelapse- Jordan Algie
The Righteous Way to Go- 9th Wonder
Better- Saint Pepsi

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32 Replies to “come thrifting with us in nyc | ep. 9”

  1. Danielle Gonzales

    This is my one day dream! One day I’ll be living in NY and I can’t wait so I live vicariously through other people’s lives.. 🙂

  2. nikki w

    Ok why are there SO MANY cowboy boots and camo jackets at the second thrift store? As someone who lives in the south, i have never seen that many in our own thrift stores

  3. Lola SG

    I knows you love frensh music and it's for that im sendding you that massage.
    Sooo, sorry for my English. Im French and I Think the new album of Angèle you gone like it !!!
    I really recomend youuu, "jalousie", "La thunes" !! love youuu XX

  4. Taylor Slattery

    Can u do a closet tour please! I love your style! Would like to see more of your clothes. Love from Florida!!❤️

  5. Kristina Blanco

    Bc I love u both so much and I’m so stoked for this friendship I’ll forgive y’all for not knowing the lyrics to as long as you love me by the Backstreet Boys 😪💛

  6. Tori B

    What thrift stores do you recommend going to in SD? I'm from there but I literally never know where to go :-/

  7. Livv W

    for ur winter boots id rec getting just a specific pair of like waterproof black doc martens or chelseas for winter so u dont care if theyre dirty, it works well w the snow and u still look cute and its easy to keep ur feet warm w sustainable wool socks!

  8. Trinity Miller

    Elena, I've been a subscriber for a while and I LOVE this because I am literally moving into an apartment down the block from these shops! SO happy you're loving NYC so far 💖

  9. Ronald Nesbit

    Elena, WOW. If anyone was coming to New York City for the first time and met your channel and seen you, they would be no less greeted by the best ambassadors in the world ! Thank you and your friends for showcasing NY's finest, and the creme de la creme . Real altruistic beauty you shine.

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