What's In My Camera Bag 2020? Our Travel Filming Gear & Carry On Backpack

Whats in my camera bag 2020 – we’re often asked so today we’re sharing our carry on backpack gear and our travel filming equipment. The first 500 people can grab 2 free months of Skillshare Premium here: ⬇ Gear Linked Below ⬇

So whats in our camera bag this year? We’ve made some quite big changes in the past 6 months or so, it’s about time we made this video to answer the question. We share what we take in our carry on luggage for travel and what gear is in our camera bags for filming our travel vlogs and taking photos for Instagram etc.

You can take a look at our gear list on our site here, but we do need to update it a bit:

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Main Camera —
Lens —
Microphone —
Handheld Pod —
SONY Photo Camera —
How We Edit Photos —
Lav Mic —
Drone —
GoPro — 
Memory Cards —

Car Reader — 
Hard Drive — 
GoPro Mount — 
Dane Carry On Bag —
Stacey Carry On Bag — 
Our Music For Vlogs —

Macbook — 
Laptop Stand — 
Mouse —
Keyboard —
Speaker — 
SONY Headphones —
Apple Airpods —

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Hey, we’re Dane & Stacey! Full-time travellers, digital nomads and content creators from New Zealand. We mix things up between finding the best experiences in more well known destinations and going off the beaten path to underrated travel spots, capturing it all to share. Authentic, genuine, cinematic and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us.

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16 Replies to “What's In My Camera Bag 2020? Our Travel Filming Gear & Carry On Backpack”

  1. J C

    If your waiting for a new Sony for the vloging camera and its full frame check out the Samyang 18mm F2.8, its really wide (obviously), cheap and light.

  2. Gerard Palmeri

    I hope you guys know that you're going to get snickers from childish North Americans if you talk about the company name for Dane's carry-on bag. In North America, "douchebag" has two meanings: 1) an obnoxious, contemptible person (usually a man) and 2) a small syringe for douching the vagina, especially as a contraceptive measure.

  3. Charlie Allan

    Cool video guys! If there was one go pro accessory I could recommend is definitely the mouth mount, very good for hands free filming, it does look a bit strange but its handy!!

  4. Jim

    Great video! Really helped me understand how you accomplish all the marvelous audio/video/still shots that you bring to us. I absolutely love you guys and look forward to each and every video that you present. Well done my friends!!!

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