The ONLY Foreigners on a LOCAL Filipino Cargo ship – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep2 – Manila to Coron

FOREIGNER in the PHILIPPINES Ep2 – Why take a quick flight when you can take an interesting 18-hour boat ride with a bunch of Filippino locals?!

In this episode, we travel from Manila to Coron by boat. But it’s not just any boat, we found a cargo ship to catch a ride with some Filippino locals.

Upon arriving in Coron, we don’t have any accommodations set, so we continue to explore for a place to stay. We end the day with a dip in the beautiful local hot springs.

In the next episode, we rent a private boat and explore the local area around Coron and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!



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48 Replies to “The ONLY Foreigners on a LOCAL Filipino Cargo ship – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep2 – Manila to Coron”

  1. Kris Kirby Florig

    Filipino loves people who vlogs. Most foreign vloggers get the most of their subscribers from their Philippine travel vlogs.

  2. Sweet Honesty

    Hello Steve,your new subscriber here, ni've and happy to see u in my humble country ,pls enjoy and keep safe,I will be with u all the way in your journey. Enjoy man!

  3. Coco Supernova

    Hi Steve welcome to the Philippines. I don’t live there anymore and miss it to bits! Enjoy your travels cannot wait to see your adventures!

  4. Roderick Sellado

    buti na lang “eleana” ang pangalan nya at hindi “alyana” dahil kung nagkataon, matutulad ka kay cardo….nice vid!

  5. Ivan Michel

    Yoooo so surreal seeing you take one of these. I took a short one for like an hour and a half to transport the bike I was on. Watching your video brought back memories, keep them coming!

  6. Ice Aboy

    i loved how humble your journey has been. thats pretty much an experience for a foreign group travelling much cheaper than the usual packages.. thats how everyone should do it to travel less expensive! you guys are awesome!

  7. D and E

    I watching first video until this video in 5 half hours non stop,,I subscribe your Chanel Steve, , awesome.

  8. maribeth schroth

    What is the name of the hostel that you stayed in let me know please, I'm planning to go coron end of this month on my own ,notice me please

  9. Ralph T

    You are a real backpacker. Love your videos. I took those ship before from Davao to Manila. Nothing much change on those cargo and passenger ferry!

  10. Lyka Collado

    Hey im a new subscriber here!! Watching from barcelona spain!! Im from the philippines try going to the north!! There are some good beaches also !! Like bolinao try to go in ilocos too!! ✌🏻😘

  11. grouchyoldguy fawks

    my old comment is still here but this vid wasnt on my watched list and it wasnt liked…i fixed it

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