Should YOU Take a CRUISE? One week in the CARIBBEAN

Is a vacation aboard a cruise ship right for you? Katy and I spent one week aboard the MSC Seaside as we went around the Caribbean from Miami to Saint Maartens, to Puerto Rico and lastly, the Bahamas. As someone who has traveled full time for nearly 4 years, I was surprised that this was my experience.

Thanks to the awesome team at MSC for working with us!

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22 Replies to “Should YOU Take a CRUISE? One week in the CARIBBEAN”

  1. Elisabeth idek

    I'd definitely recommend a cruise. They are so fun and an amazing experience. I'm so excited for a cruise I'm going on soon!

  2. Audrey Jackson

    Bruhhhh I miss San Juan!!!! Most of my travels have been done in the Caribbean and I have to say Puerto Rico and Cuba have the prettiest buildings. Bermuda isn’t bad eithe.

  3. Luisqui

    If you ever comeback to Puerto Rico I do allot of hiking around the island with my best friend so we know allot of different areas you would love to explore that are not found in your tourist guides

  4. Nens

    In my opinion these cruises look fun but you missed so many awesome things in st Maarten such as plum bay, mullet bay, and cupacoy

  5. The Normads

    We like the idea of it, but also, no. Because of the pollution and the giant mass of that thing causes cities like Venezia to be teared down. That's why the locals are so against cruise ships. And we like to explore cities more than a couple of hours 🙂


    I really would love to start making a channel like this and exploring the world.. Once I hit my financial goal this year 2020 will be a whole different story

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