Oslo Travel Guide

We’re back with our Oslo Travel Guide! This one is definitely worth the wait as we explore this beautiful Norwegian city.

Oslo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world…and also one of the most expensive! But as we explain in this episode, there’s a reason for Oslo’s costs. Great food, beautiful scenery, friendly people…Oslo has it all!

Thanks to our friends at VisitOSLO for their help with our Oslo episode. For updated information on events, attractions, restaurants and bars, head to www.visitoslo.com. Need assistance while visiting the city? The Oslo Visitor Centre by the central station is open every day of the year.

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44 Replies to “Oslo Travel Guide”

  1. Jonas Apeland

    Great video! Your guides are always appreciated. As an Oslo-citicen, i would like to add a couple of things about alcohol prices: Yes, in general prices on alcohol are extremely high. But if you know a little bit about it, it won't be as bad as you think. For example, Norwegians usually drink alcohol bought from stores either at home or at parks (though public drinking actually is forbidden). This is considerably cheaper than buying at a restaurant or bar. One 0.5 litre of Ringnes (plain Norwegian pilsner) can cost you up to 80-90 kroner at a bar. Buy the same beer in a grocery store and you get it for around 25 kroner.

    Also, there are bars with much better prices. For cheap beer i reccomend these two: Samfunnet Bislet (40 kroner for a 0.5 pilsner) and Fyrhuset Kuba.

  2. Tsolakidis Tube

    Fantastic videos fantastic job. By far the best travel channel in Ytb. Please give a chance to Greece too

  3. Øystein Haave

    I live in Oslo, and yes I know it is super expensive compared to the rest of Europe. But what people don’t think about is that Norwegian wages are one of the highest in the world. When tourists come here, it is more expensive for them, because they don’t earn as much as Norwegians do.

  4. Sheikh Ahmed

    Every time I see your videos I get convinced to drop my life in New York city and go to one of these cities. You cover these places very well.

  5. Wtravel

    Your video is great and informative. I have been there last year for a short while. Fram Polar Ship Museum , Kon-Tiki Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Norwegian museum of cultural history and wandering at Karl Johans Gate(Street). These are the must do things in Oslo.

  6. Purposeful Porpoise

    I leave my best fattest goat tied to the nearest pole to the restaurant as tip. months of cheese, milk, and fur. A fair tip

  7. kim bye

    Thanks for visiting and for a fair and balanced review, and not only doing the super touristy stuff like Holmenkollen or the castle.

  8. Caius_Cosadass

    What's the name of the island you were on ? I'm going to Oslo next week and was planning to visit one of the islands but don't know which one is worth checking out

  9. Tim O'Bryan

    I used to live in Oslo and Trondheim and the cities were really expensive compared to what it was in the old days.

  10. lifesamitch

    These videos are amazing! Entertaining, informative and well produced. They cover everything we need for our Scandinavian adventure. Thanks from the land down under.

  11. michael s

    It is not called OZ-LOW it is OH_SLO; BOTH o"s are long, not short and are enunciated identical. The S does NOT sound like a Z. The S is a soft S, not Z!

  12. Bloody Twins

    Why did you pronounce flytoget incorrectly at first and then better the second time? 🤔 it's like flee toga sort off

  13. ShibaPatrol

    With all due respect, Oslo is one of the most boring city in the developed world. Its feels so impersonal and dull, all aesthetics and no substance. Yes there is some authentic Norwegian experience to be had there but not a whole lot unfortunately. What is there really to see and do in Oslo? some museums, a big sculpture park, some more museums, see the generic high-street aaaaaand that's about it. Dining experience? forget about, almost non-existent. Norway is decades (maybe century behind) some cities in this regard, eating out is expensive, even for the residents of the city.
    If you're looking for an adventure, an exciting trip, give Oslo a miss. This is a city you come on a day-trip from Sweden(Stockholm/Gothenburg).

    Its a good looking city for sure, I've lived in it for almost four years so I can attest to that.

  14. Muhammad Ansari

    The people of Norway will happily accept Islam when the deen is properly established in their country. They are also very nice people at heart.

  15. Kenneth Twigg

    Can't wait to go to Oslo in 2 months. Also mentions Black Metal and show a flyer for a Death Metal band from Baltimore.

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