a few days in my life during new york fashion week!

As I mention in this video, make sure to check out the Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex epilator here: You all asked and we are delivering! Here’s a vlog of a couple days in my life during New York Fashion Week! There were shows, parties, etc and I shared some of my thoughts on fashion week this time around!
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21 Replies to “a few days in my life during new york fashion week!”

  1. Charles Fetters

    Don't ever feel like an imposter when it comes to anything dealing with beauty because you belong there. Love you, Elena. Oh yeah, I agree with the hair thing. On a pretty girl, if it's not on your head then get rid of it. Haha. 🙂

  2. Georgianna Tsielepou

    I love how you said it at the end there. I feel like coming from a small town you look up to these models and influencers who have millions of followers, travel and get invited to all the parties. Then you hear them say they have anxiety and body image disorder and you're here like WHAT!! But it's true. Being in that environment is a killer of confidence.

  3. Leah Fan

    I've watched you for a couple years now and girl, you really moved to new york and are living your best life at nyfw! Congrats i'm super proud and hope to be able to be as successful as this someday:)x

  4. Jada Jones

    Lolll love how the bottom part of the E in the NEW YORKER sign was out so it said NFW YORKER… Don't know if that was done on purpose but I highly doubt it haha! <3

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