Sri Lanka STREET FOOD and DANCE PARTY in COLOMBO [Travel Vlog]

Went down to Galle Face Green in Colombo on my second full day in Sri Lanka to taste some Sri Lankan street food and to watch the sunset.

This area by the coast is famous for having amazing seafood, bite sized treats and lots of small eateries serving freshly made Kotthu.

I ate spicy chicken kotthu and then ended up at an impromptu dance party with some locals while watching the most amazing sunset! Such a cool place. Looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll rent my Tuk Tuk and get my Tuk Tuk driving lesson in Mount Lavinia!

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  1. max hash

    Hi janeth. Happy to see you again in srilandka. I wanna know more info about srilanka and you are the only i know who is there plz send me your contacts in my email thanks. And happy journey

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