BATU CAVES Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia Travel Vlog PART I

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The first of a 3 part series in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! We spent our only real day to explore the city climbing up 272 stairs to the Batu Caves in the pouring rain.

Despite the rain, it was still extremely crowded at the Batu Caves and we couldn’t believe it! We thought that it would be very empty considering how hard it rained the entire day!

We did learn that the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur were 400 million years old! Crazy, right?

Stay tuned for Part II and III in the next couple of days!

Part II – Malaysian Food
Part III – Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur


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7 Replies to “BATU CAVES Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia Travel Vlog PART I”

  1. Vlogawan Travel

    It makes me happy when I see couples traveling happily ever after! Rain does mess up the travel schedule but we travelers always work around the weather! The show must go on!!! So colorful steps! I think monkeys there will freak me out!! They look so free and enjoying the crowd!

  2. SimpsOn The Go

    So we did a little goof. We realized our travel from Singapore To Kuala Lumpur wasn't in this video and realized it was in part III of our Malaysia series. It was only a 40 minutes flight and very un eventful. With that said, you will see that bit in our part III video of Malaysia, so if you follow our adventures, don't be thrown off by our mini travel day in the third video. We filmed 3 videos in 2 days so it just got a little mixed up with everything. Thanks for watching!

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