The 7 WORST Things About Being A Girl During Spring Break

the worst things about being a girl during spring break!
the other worst feelings of being a girl:
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Being a girl is certainly not easy, add spring break to the mix and you have a whole new set up of issues. ALSO- in general spring break typically is never how the movies and social media make it look. Maybe you’ve had a few amazing spring breaks, but come on- I think we can all look back on the majority of our spring breaks as pretty uneventful. Today I am exploring the expectations vs reality of spring break for girls. Some of these things guys dont understand about girls and girl struggles, mean while every girl can relate to.

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26 Replies to “The 7 WORST Things About Being A Girl During Spring Break”

  1. casey moser

    I hate how stores think ur on spring break for 2weeks 😂
    ~~At the store 2 days before spring break~~Me: why is there so much spring break stuff? Surfboards & stuff?Mom: idk. Why?~~2 weeks later~~THERE IS STILL STUFF THERE !!!!!! (surfboards & stuff)

  2. KitKat Paws

    Everyone went to Six Flags on Spring Break this year while I went to see a play and went to Disneyland. XD

  3. Sarah Button

    everyone i my class got asingned a fitness program for our two week break and there is one day until we go back and i havent do the workout at all

  4. Khadijah Ishola

    In stead of wanting to be tan or being red, I can’t! I’m dark skinned so then I look like a baked potato

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