$680 BORACAY ACCOMMODATION & PRIVATE BEACH AT NEWCOAST | Philippines Vlog 093 | Digital Nomad

This is our Boracay accommodation at Newcoast and cost of living. The Philippines isn’t exactly a digital nomad hot spot, but we’ll be spending a month here to see the island, vlog and hang at the beach. ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

This Boracay accommodation will probably mean our cost of living in the Philippines will be higher than other spots in South East Asia, but it’s pretty epic! We’re staying in Newcoast, a new development on the island, and the building is called Oceanway. Sign up to Air BnB here for $40 USD off any booking worldwide and you can check them out:

You can contact our hosts directly about this apartment and discuss availability here: boracaybreezerental@gmail.com

The Philippines isnt known for being a digital nomad spot because the internet is fairly average here, but the beach life is worth the trip and your time to travel! We will live in Boracay for a month, November 2017, and share our cost of living and experiences in plenty of vlog style vids to come.

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35 Replies to “$680 BORACAY ACCOMMODATION & PRIVATE BEACH AT NEWCOAST | Philippines Vlog 093 | Digital Nomad”

  1. md929

    Not too many people can do what you two are doing. A lot of folks from first world countries have to work and have very little time to go on vacation. They also have bills to pay and family to tend to. I used to be in that category, work work work and never saw the weekends because I worked all the time chasing that overtime to make money just to make ends meet. Now I'm self employed and actually can turn off work and take off anytime I want. It helps that I make more money too now and not worry about bills. That 680/month cost a lot less than hotels we've stayed at in a week in lot of places we've gone to. Now you got me thinking doing what you guys are doing and might take a month or two in Boracay and do the local thing. Maybe go tuna fishing with the locals or something.

  2. Maximilian C

    Hi guys. First of all I’d like to thank you for the vlog. I am one of the owners of the units there at Oceanway Residences. Ours is at Cluster D. Thank you very much for showcasing Boracay. If it is not too much of a hassle, I told my AirBNB viewers to check out your vlogs and like them too. Cheers. – Mario

  3. Joey Guayco

    i was smiling all the way through this video 🙂 and then a quick close-up of the sand and I blurt out WOW unconsciously. so jealous haha

  4. wahleed taula

    There's a lot of cool places in PH worth living for but sadly this has not been pictured out and known internationally.

  5. DYLAN

    I lived there for a month spending only $60+ because I eat and sleep with the carpenters! They built the hotel from where you checked in! Boracay has the best friendly locals!

  6. Christine Cabrera

    So glad you guys are enjoying The Philippines! Boracay is definitely the best! So happy that I found your page! Filipina here based in Auckland! 😊

  7. Me

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [The Philippines isn't exactly a digital nomad hot spot <— that's why I am living somewhere else in SEA… huhu bummer]

  8. Matt Silvestre

    Is it convenient to stay in this area? how far this place from the main beach? and how much it cost you to travel from here to main beach and back home?

  9. Christopher Beltran

    680$ for a month?.. That's crazy cheap! I'll be heading to the Philippines in December. Will for sure concider this place… Awsome videos guys.

  10. WanderLusting

    We r inn boracay now actually staying in station 1. We drove by new coast yesterday going up to Puka Beach.. thanks for the great info we are going on airbnb to check out apartments in that area. We been spending more than that on hotels.. thanks again.

  11. Ronald Gilbertson

    Fantastic! The temptation is growing, especially with our present, nasty situation in the USA! Thank you…now, I'm checking out the rest of your vids!!!

  12. Ryan Gardiner

    Me and my girlfriend are moving to Boracay in October and are hoping to live here. We work online but I'm hearing terrible things about the internet in most of the Phillipines (especially Boracay). Can you remember if the internet at Newcoast was 'usable'? Or do you have any advice on 3G/4G dongles we could use?

  13. Glester Del Rosario

    Love your vlogs! So clean & organize the way you create it. Probably the most relaxing travel vlog I've seen. And I'm just getting started. Hope you come back again soon!

  14. J. Paul Hawkins Sanchez

    I just accidentally clicked your video and…. I can't stop myself watching it, and I watched more! Waaah I love both of you! Now I am planning to be there in Boracay. soon!

  15. Laurin Drum Records

    Your videos are soooo fun to watch. A pure joy and also very interesting! Thanks for your work!:D

  16. Vivian Simpson

    Congratulation guys for reaching 55K and your wedding. I'm glad I stumbled to your channel. Been 14 years since I've been to the Philippines. You two are such a beautiful couple. Love your videos, so authentic. Love that I dont feel dizzy when watching. New subbie here from Sweden. Hugs to both of you

  17. Shari Mahigab

    I lived there for 4yrs and only paid $150 a month. Shared a house with foreigners. 4 separate areas on station3. Take a tricycle for $1. Go to Kalibo for food. Half the cost.

  18. Fergal O'Toole

    Hey guys, me and my girlfriend are travelling the Philippines at the moment and we're thinking of staying where you guys stayed for the same length of time , we don't drive a scooter but would you still recommend staying here?

  19. Edward Salazar

    Nice hotel and nice view from your balcony..we stayed there in station 3 in an apartelle in 2010 if my memory is correct..

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