The Power of Mobile Phone Photography

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I have endless amounts of amazing humans who follow me that believe mobile phone photography is a hindrance. I’m here to tell you it”s a beautiful gift and I do hope you’re utilising it.

Let me show you the power of mobile phone photography in this video.

It’s not just the technical aspects of everything. Oh no…it’s SO much deeper than that.

Thank you Polar Pro for including me in this campaign and congrats on your new launch. Stoked to see you jump into the mobile photography scene!

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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45 Replies to “The Power of Mobile Phone Photography”

  1. Rhys Martin

    It's been a while since I've watched your videos (I honestly don't know why – sorry!), but this video just made me happy. Such a beautifully positive vibe from yourself is refreshing to see on this platform.
    Thank you!

  2. Archana Solanki

    This touched my heart! I just started my journey on Instagram and I'm so inspired by your words, this has changed the whole perspective. Thank you for sharing, Sorelle! ❤️

  3. Photo Academy

    Guys, agree with me – these photos are just a bomb! do you Think you can't get such pictures?

    as it is not so! On my channel, I will tell you how to make simply breathtaking photos without having absolutely no expensive equipment! run to me, it's just fire. Sorelle Amore, thank you for your video, as always unique!

  4. Its Rinza

    I love your waterfall analogy. We just experienced this while travelling around the west coast of Tasmania. That's why for the past couple years all my trips I've taken my polaroid. I just want one chance for a photo, and that's it. The rest of the time I want to be breathing deeply, laughing, enjoying the experience. Deeply appreciating your evolution Sorelle. <3

  5. Glubina

    Well, I am sorry, but having extra costy things for your IPhone XYZ Pro has nothing to do with the whole "on budget" theme of this video.

    You've started to loose your relateability 🙁
    Not just with this video, but as a whole

  6. Sonia Di

    The most amazing moments are the one that can't be captured or shared on media! Think about it. The last time you had a deep connection with people, maybe a good conversation ,a great experience that you hadn't the time to think "let's take a photo" because you were so happy and caught up in the moment, maybe you were laughing out loud with your friends and family…these moments are just for you and only for you. We all have these kind of moments and the good part of this is keeping them into the circle of people present in that moment.
    Seeing constantly others' photos gives us the illusion that there is some kind of superior happiness that is present in other people's lives that we should chase too, but there is no such thing that is superior from our own personal experiences. It's just a superficial illusion that plays with our perception of the world. Also ,if you really have a good time you shouldn't care what others say or if they "validate" your experience

  7. Jonathan Gutman

    Still remember your vid crying on your 50k just recently…
    Love your energy, and completely relate to the part of being present. I started feeling the same way just before my second baby girl was born. I found myself taking much more photos of here with my phone, just to avoid the time needed to edit and upload photos from my dslr.
    Being present simply became more important to me… Just like for you.
    Maybe its just part of growing up and realizing what is really important in life.

  8. Alvin Lipscomb

    The old saying: Stop and smell the roses! You found the rose, now take time to enjoy it. 
    Take 15-30 minutes or longer to enjoy the location after you got the shot because you may notice a better composition as you admire that location. Those minutes are to enjoy the sounds, smells, and the view not to find a better composition but may come into view as you take a moment and breath.

  9. Zdenka Darula

    Out of all videos I have seen about this particular filter… you have made without a doubt the best video… congratulations. Not only a product announcement but also great video with a message.

  10. Jon

    Best video about the polar pro products. Didn’t seem like an add like most of the videos out now. Seems like a very authentic video of your experiences and how the product has helped you. Enjoyed it a lot

  11. ChaChaDiaries

    i’ve seen so manu sponsored videos for this lenses and yours are by far the best. everybody just talked about specs and how to’s but your video definitely touched my heart. i am guilty for getting in location, snap the pic and leave but lately i try to take the photos and live in the moment. it’s so sad that we are forgetting how to live before social media and camera/smart phones. what did we do? how did we survive? how do we even communicate now? thank you for this.

  12. Akshata Patel

    Hi could you make a video which is a tutorial on how you use your phone camera to take pictures. For example : tell us how you use the grid, the brightness, some tips, some apps.

  13. Flavio Martinetto

    "If I like a moment, I mean me, personally… I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it. Right there… Right here." -The secret life of Walter Mitty

  14. Nuvo Vlogs

    You said something that just clicked with me, I've noticed, omg that's why I do this! I take tons of photos due to being afraid of missing a moment or forgetting it. My memory is crap, am I perhaps taking so many shots for this exact reason? You have me thinking 💚

  15. Mj Sia

    Sorell = so reel hi i am your newby here in you tube i run yonyour videos that really entertaining ang fun as well i have seen mayas world channel . You both rock girl and i wanna do my own version but my version. Love love live long girl peace

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