Christmas in Singapore | City of the Future

Only have a brief 24 hours in Singapore or an extended stay? Our Singapore travel guide and Singapore travel vlog will help you find the best of Singapore!

Whether you have a layover in Singapore or you’re just figuring out what to do in Singapore, when you travel Singapore, you are probably wondering what should I do in Singapore. We’ll show you how to travel Singapore city with our travel tips, hawker, gardens by the bay, and Christmas celebration.

We flew from India to Singapore just in time to celebrate the Holidays. We were delighted to discover that our hotel and the city were decorated for Christmas! Singapore is a perfect place to visit around Christmas time. // Travel Vlog #75 // Singapore


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Hi! We’re Hannah and Chad! We met at college and got married in August of 2016. As poor newlyweds and recent college grads, we moved to New York City to begin what we thought would be our long careers in finance. Only one year later, after accumulating over 2 million miles and points through “travel hacking”, we booked round-the-world business class tickets to over 40 countries for free. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and began this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on August 27, 2018. Chad has always loved creating home videos to hold onto the memories we share while traveling, so we started this YouTube channel as a place to share our adventures with friends and family. We hope you’ll join our journey to exciting countries and experiences around the world!

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37 Replies to “Christmas in Singapore | City of the Future”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    Singapore is such a cool city! If you enjoyed this video, hit the subscribe button and the little bell to get notified of our upcoming crazy adventures to 40 countries before April of this year! ♥️ We're excited to have you join us!

  2. Glenn Phillips

    Was In Singapore for a week and I still felt I needed to see and explore tons more.beautiful country. Safe travels

  3. Mohd Bilal

    As soon as u left india. Starting complaining about the place and bath mouthing India. Yes we do have problems. But you won't find people like Indians anywhere in the world. We treat our guest as God. And it's not our problem that u travelled the way u travelled. We have nicer buses. Some amazing cities in india. It was just your lack of knowledge and research. So please stop complaining about we didnt get tap water to drink we didnt get good stuff. BY THE WAY U R STILL WELCOME TO INDIA. Thats the Indian way.

  4. venkat yanamandra

    Cute couple on transit……otherwise content would have been much more on large scale……..Hopefully next time…….Gr8 going ……

  5. Naresh Talwar

    My favorite part of Singapore is the awesome Cloud Forest. The cool, pure, fresh mountain air takes my breath away every single time.

  6. Passport Two

    We are really looking forward to heading back to Asia and doing Singapore! We missed it on our last trip through Asia…

  7. Sanjog K.

    Singapore is ahead of all the Asian countries except for Japan of course. I would love to see you guys in Japan.

  8. hloc

    For your info…

    NO… the Police has better things to do than to arrest you for throwing Rubbish/Trash in public, like keeping Singapore as crime free as possible… its the officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA) who will be issuing the 'summoned' for your court appointment….which will then be up to the Judge to decide to give you a simple telling off… a fine… a Corrective Work Order (CWO)… or a combo of all 3…

  9. tsunamientertainment

    don't worry you are good people….both of u r a lovely couple…My suggestion after travelling a lot myself is…when you go to developing nations…spend top dollar and stay in great places, so that after all the chaos, you get a nice, cool resting place and that is important to recuperate find five star hotels……and in developed nations…find cheap options to stay, because daily stresses are low and you will get away staying in cheaper place, plus, developing nations need your money more…so you are also helping the local economy…

  10. Wannabe Edgelord

    I just discovered your channel I think I’m gonna subscribe, you guys have such a positive vibe, love it.
    When you guys come back you should check out the garden by the bay AT NIGHT it’s much better and also the Botanic Gardens and the rooftop at this flat called
    SkyVille @ Dawson 😀

  11. Rocky21Gaming

    Nice guys but please don't go to any Muslim countries two Scandinavian girls got murdered in Morocco few week ago.

  12. bushyconn

    Its really good to see some younger people so thoroughly enjoying themselves – even the (sometimes) too spicy Singapore food.
    Pity your stopover was so short, there is so much to see in Singapore!!

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