Van Life – Living in a Van is Hard!

After living and working in the van for 5 straight weeks, we’re convinced now more than ever that it’s an amazing lifestyle – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. Check out our video to find out about the challenges we’ve faced, including stealth camping, finding internet access, staying clean and going to the bathroom.

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Mat & Danielle


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25 Replies to “Van Life – Living in a Van is Hard!”

  1. Zona Lenhart

    Planet fitness I. The states have a $20.00 per month fee and you can show there as many times as you want. Also some van dwellers use a 5 gallon bucket with a plastic liner in it with kitty litter or some other biodegradable product. I personally would check out a portable marine toilet. Not sure if such a thing exists but I’d definitely check it out if a lived n a van. Excellent video.

  2. Betty Schueler

    If you ever make it to the Baltimore area of Maryland I have 3 bathrooms with showers you can use plus two washing machines. I am currently gathering the supplies to turn my minivan into a camper. I think I have just about everything I need but a driver's license (mine apparently expired 4 years ago. Who knew?). I've spent most of the past 4 years in bed so it hasn't come up as an issue until last week, when I went to the bank (in person for a change) and had to show my driver's license. The teller pointed out the license was expired so now I have to take a driver's test yet again and Maryland's test is pretty brutal. But once I have that behind me I hope to be on the road, at least locally, so I can figure out what items I still need and which items can be left at home. I hope to build my endurance up to the point where I can start traveling longer distances each trip. Half of my family and friends think I'm crazy and the other half are cheering me on. Only time will tell which group is right lol.

  3. Barn Star

    Five gig is a lot if you are only using email or surfing the net. It is video that will eat it up really,

  4. Barn Star

    I think it would be depressing if you are on your own, but if you are with a partner it would be a lot easier!

  5. laura j phillips

    Go to u tube channel a channel by Bob Wells he also has a blog, he has videos on every challenge you had and much more. Walmart has a inexpensive pop up shower tent, a lot of Van Dwellers have one about $25.00
    VancityVanlife his name is Chrome he actually lives in Canada lots of good advice, a little crazy but nice guy!

  6. Coach Hebert

    Great video , Matt you are my hero, you have a beautiful lady. Continue to inspire others. I plan to take a few weeks off in my minivan and the more I watch you and your girl"s videos, the more confidence I have……take care, Coach


    Lived in a van fully equipped for two and a half years.
    Living in a van is great if you can master it.
    I will now live on a 38 foot live aboard boat.
    I will sail the world for the rest of my life and visit as many countries as possible.
    Ranger out.

  8. wbhauck

    I'm in southern New Jersey, USA. A coworker of mine lived in his van for a year as an adventure / saving money. He joined a gym for $15 / month so he could shower. We're lucky in that we have lots of 24 hour gas stations around here. And some Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds are 24 hours as well so he had access to bathrooms.

  9. FaQ Hue

    I heard you can go to the US and buy the plans there and use it in Canada. They sell mobile router/modem with unlimited LTE for roughy around 400.00 CAD. Probably have to pay for roaming but still better then the Canadian plans.


    You guys are amazing and you’ve inspired us to buy a VW Campervan & Live the van life dream. Our goal is to sell everything we own in the next year, move into the van and travel around the world.

    We’ve even created our own youtube channel to document our progress. Our first videos have been uploaded and we would love your support/feedback, so please hit subscribe and check us out. Alan & Michelle

  11. Helen L

    I am a Canadian who is also considering a similar life, and I need wifi to work online. I have a wifi mobile hot spot called sky roam and it allows you have a monthly plan unlimited use as well you can travel pretty much anywhere. A worthy investigate.

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