MEETING WIL DASOVICH in Davao City 🇵🇭Philippines Vlog Ep 23

I always love meeting like-minded people and connecting with Wil Dasovich was an absolute pleasure! He’s such a down to earth, humble guy. Congrats on winning the title of “Vlogger of the Year” Wil – you’re a vlog legend and you continue to inspire me! Hope we get the chance to link up again soon.

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Coconuts by The Kount

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23 Replies to “MEETING WIL DASOVICH in Davao City 🇵🇭Philippines Vlog Ep 23”

  1. Ritchie Navarro

    Yo! what's up dude.. Awesome food, great meal 🍴 and coolest people with wil dasovich wow.. I Always tune in your vlog dude just keep going good things coming on your way through.. 👍 thumb up!

  2. Ryan Medrina

    I don't like Wil… He's more like of a celebrity than a vlogger… That's why he has many subscribers. He's used his being a celebrity thing to gain subscribers… lol… from my point of view, Sorry Will.
    Look at Kulas and The Fighter Boys… Legit!!! And with that, I subscribe!

  3. Tong Duldulao

    Davao City. This is where I live. Peaceful, livable city. This is the hometown too of our current President, Rodrigo Duterte. Local Davao residents are fun, loving, warm hearted people. They love foreigners. Most Filipinos are friendly and hospitable.

  4. karl john

    please visit also gensan and sarangani area and I recommend my cousin to guide you in gensan and sarangani area he is a mountiners

  5. Godof war

    Steve yalo is so arrogant by saying wil is not the well known and his viewers might not recognize his face then later on he found outthat will is filming for a tv show,now he is watching him like thunking wil is very famous because anywhere he goes the people attack him with selfies…but another fact wils subs is 1 mil and steve yalo's subs is just 23k something dude dont be arrogant now who's the not famous vloger..not this once but I really noticed in your vlogs that you look at your self like you are a some kind of God that everyone knows and needs to be praised…u have lost a subscriber now change that attitude will u…supreme royal highness

  6. tong duldulao

    Hi Steve, I love watching your vlogs. I am from Davao City, Philippines. Thank you for featuring and visitng my native land. I am happy and glad you love our City and my country Philippines. I suggest, you should also visit the high end malls in our country and the subdivisions and places of the rich and famous in Davao City and the other cities of Philippines. I notice you mostly visit our beautiful white sand beaches. Yes, our beaches are more beautiful thAn Bangkok, Thailand, modesty aside. I am proud to say that. May I suggest, you should also feature the high end places of our country, not only the famous beaches of Philippines but the Lifestyles and places of the rich and famous. Mostly featured in your video are suburd places and the low end depress areas of the country. since youre travelling the world, migth as well show the high end places of our country. Because people in the u s think Philippines is a poor country, nope, it is not. sorry. Yes hope you will feature more of our country. Get in touch if you feel like visiting Davao again. Be my guest. We would love to have you here in our place. oh will dasovich is a popular vlogger not only in philippines but the world as well, like you. He is half Filipino and half american. He speaks our dialect fluently. more power to your evlogging. 👍 let us know when you are coming back to Davao.

  7. DerekMike Ramsay


  8. DerekMike Ramsay

    THEY WANTED TO HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU BRO, BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT YOU'RE NICE AND FUN TO BE WITH PERSON. . NOT A FUssy person.. you're cool and a good person as well.. God bless you bro. You're always welcome here in Davao City Glad that you tried to go in MTS, jack's ridge located at Shrine Hills Matina.. But have u tried to go to EDEN NATURE PARK IN TORIL? THAT IS THE VERY OVERLOOKING PLACE.. SUCH A GOOD PLACE TO VISIT..

  9. Mark Gil Malbas

    I am wondering that you are in enchanted in this video and i am excited about it but sad to know 😢 because i live here in barobo surigao del sur near the enchanted river and by the way the water falls that you mean in your previous video is called Tinuy-an falls 😝😝😝

  10. Z Randall

    Yo Steve ! Yo shirt” the light blue one “ is sporting the NAMBLA symbol. “The triangle in a spiral”. Did you know that FYI? Check the FBI files for man boy lovers, just an observation, safe travels. Peace!

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