First Days in PAKISTAN

Pakistan series EPISODE ONE
Some of my very first impressions, a sandstorm, magnificent ruins, the coolest bus ever, and so much more.


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first song: (0:01) – Outside (Instrumental) by The Siege (Musicbed)

cinematic song (0:14) – Dark Travels by Alistair Sung (Musicbed)

main song (0:54 & 3:30 & 9:25 & 10:47 & end) – I’m Gonna Get What’s Mine by Graffiti Ghosts (Musicbed)

fun song (2:30 & 5:26) – Our Style by Animal Island (Musicbed)

leaving song (1:21 & 2:10) – Moving Target by The Silver Pages (Musicbed)

market song (7:05) – See the Sky by Dizaro
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pretty song (12:44) Immanuel by Tony Anderson (Musicbed)

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