India’s Epic BLUE CITY

Exploring the colorful, epic blue city of India – Jodhpur!


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Livio used to make videos, they are still awesome:

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Mehrangarh Fort
Ghanta Ghar Market
Om Cafe


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intro song (0:09): “Breakin’ Free” by Nesting Roc ft. DEAN
Music provided by Frequency

epic song (0:48): “Show Me” by Elport
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cool song (3:07): “Side You” by David Cutter
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market song (4:32): “Kannushi” by Dizaro

view song (5:57): “Quietness” by Kisnou
Music provided by Heroboard –

song in sneak peak – “Sun Rise” by Oddme

haveli song (0:03) – “Blushes” by Dj Quads

backing (2:02) – “Going Up” by Lakey Inspired

**Sorry for all the links, but these artists deserve credit for their awesome work!

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