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Over the last month I have decided to put my health and fitness first. After having a lazy winter of not eating right and not working out, I was feeling the effects mentally and physically. I was having problems sleeping, and lower energy levels. Now 30 days later I can confidently say I am feeling SO much better and starting to see physical results! Along the way I have learned some things that I wish I would’ve known before getting started, so these are my 7 tips to actually get fit!

1 . NOOM
Noom is a fitness app that helps you create healthier lifestyle habits, so that you see change and keep it. When trying to get fit or lose weight, it’s important to track what you are doing. On Noom you can track your meals, fitness, steps, etc. You are also paired with a goal specialist to help you along the way. Nutrition can be the hardest part of getting healthy, Noom has a ton of delicious recipes with all of the nutrition facts, that have really helped me with cooking healthy meals at home.

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