OUR TINY NEW CAMERA 😍 | Sony RX0 II Travel Vlog | Seoul, South Korea

Our last video in South Korea from the Sony RX0 II camera launch party in Seoul! This travel vlog is all shot on the RX0 Mark 2…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Our last travel vlog from South Korea comes with some surprises again! We attended the Sony RX0 II camera launch party in Seoul. You can see in the video, we were all kind of in shock and stoked to see what goes on at an event like this.

The RX0 Mark 2 is the next version of the RX0 action camera Sony released a while back – this one shoots in 4k, it’s stabilised and waterproof with a flip screen to vlog on. It’s better than the GoPro we travel with and is now our secondary travel vlog camera for sure.

I did mess up some of the focus in the video, which is a shame. But rather than shoot the video in ideal conditions we put the RX0 II through some really dark and tough situations in the vlog and overall the quality it put out is massively improved on the original Sony RX0 – we’re sold!

That’s a wrap on all of our South Korea videos, we’ve loved exploring Seoul and so glad we could share this spot with you all – definitely don’t overlook Korea as your next travel destination! Catch the full playlist of our vlogs here — 

Check the Sony RX0 II here, the majority of this travel vlog was shot on this bad boy —
View the Sony a6400 —

Here’s the link to the Korean Masterhand Pottery video we mentioned in the vlog!

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26 Replies to “OUR TINY NEW CAMERA 😍 | Sony RX0 II Travel Vlog | Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Cali Picker

    Cool camera. Good quality it seems. Looking forward to checking it out. Time to do a drawing for the old camera and make the new Sony one you main go to camera. Peace ✌️ and Love ❤️

  2. Daneger and Stacey

    The soft focus is all user error, whoops, sorry 🤣 There was a lot of reaaally dark situations in this one but the low light ability is impressive! We're officially dumping our old GoPro for this bad boy now 🤙🏼 Your thoughts?
    PS — the Korean Mastermind Pottery video is here:

  3. Loni & Al

    Yup, that’s a keeper. Great job with an unfamiliar camera! Both of you have developed a superb style for vlogging. What a fun series 😃👌

  4. LawOl WRT

    Your 1st videos had us hooked,, then you started slowing down a bit, but I think this Korean series reboot was what you needed. Thank you so much, it was so worth watching that I am going to introduce my mother to your channel. Stay safe and stay humble and keep on keeping on…..MUCH LOVE TO YOU BOTH!!!!!

  5. Jim

    To the charismatic Dane and the ever charming Stacey, thanks so much for another terrific video. You are by far my favorite Vlogers. Already looking forward to the next one. Awesome opportunity with Sony and loved the new camera. Well done!

  6. Eric Everson

    Didn't you guys have art class in High School? I remember doing pottery in art class. The teacher called me out in front of the class for having a one track mind. All I made were beer steins:) Have great one.

  7. Rex Waldron

    That little camera performed well didn't it! How was the battery life, because that's one of the drawbacks on my GoPro Hero 7 Silver. Stacey did a good first attempt with the pottery – my attempts at school were beyond garbage 🙂 I laughed when Stacey said she is an old woman in a young woman's body. I'm definitely a young guy in and old guy's body ha ha!

  8. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    Great video as usual.As for the Sony camera…we'll, I'm not really impressed at all.Don't get me wrong, I love and respect Sony. All my videos have been shot using my Sony HDR – AS20. Honestly, I wouldn't pay under $1000 for the change. I got the Sony HDR-AS20 for only $125 at a sale and have never looked back. The new camera has better quality, but I wouldn't rush out and buy one.Hope the review helped in some way.
    Thanks for another entertaining video.Looking forward to your new videos from Turkey.


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