SURPRISES IN SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷| Lotte World & Gwangjang Market | Seoul Travel Vlog

In this vlog we travel more in South Korea to visit Lotte World Theme Park and try some street food at Gwangjang Market in Seoul… ⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Street food and soju at the ultimate Korean market, Gwangjang Market, maybe could have been predicted… but something we never guessed was going to Lotte World Theme Park! We’ve since learnt it’s actually the largest indoor theme park in the world.

Either way – another vlog from South Korea and another day of absolute surprises! Seoul continues to impress, so it doesn’t really matter where we travel next or what activities we do when we get there. There’s always going to be amazing street food, smiling locals, markets and something interesting to explore.

Nearing the end of our time in Seoul and our South Korea series, 1 more travel vlog to come in a few days time. Hope we’ve helped open your eyes to the beauty of Korea and our new found love for Seoul!

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35 Replies to “SURPRISES IN SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷| Lotte World & Gwangjang Market | Seoul Travel Vlog”

  1. Malik Barrow

    Stacey needs to hop on Goliath here in Cali lmao. The only way to conquer fear of rides is to ride the rides! Also, that spinning head dance at the end was interesting. Lol

  2. Traveling Holmes

    Ahh 2 of my favourite Youtuber's together in one vlog! So cool that you guys get to meet up. We're planning to meet up with a few other Youtuber's while we travel- it must feel good to see familiar faces and just hangout.

  3. Rex Waldron

    What an amazing country – unique too. Really enjoying these Korea vlogs. As for the theme park rides – I would definitely have chickened out and stayed on the ground 🙂

  4. Cali Picker

    Glad you guys are enjoying Korea. I loved everything about the culture the food. All except the smell. Lol. And watch out for the Soju and drink it warmed up diluted with the kool aid mix stuff. You’ll thank me in the morning. Anyo asa sayo. Cheers
    PS. Made it to Michigan 😊👍

  5. hyson87

    The market is a must, they have so much delicious food and fresh veggies! I always took it for granted when I was living there as a kid. Glad to see that though your video. I actually haven't been to Lotte World. Sometimes randomness is the best when you're travelling, right? It's so refreshing to see the place through the eyes of people from different countries, I get to appreciate my heritage and culture more. Thanks again for another awesome Korea video!

  6. Sally And Ed

    A hot air balloon inside?! NOPE NOPE NO you could not pay me to get on that giant drop ride… YIKES! Yes to the carousel though 😂 those lunch views though! Can't wait to see Korea vlogs!

  7. Jake Rich

    I might not of looked like I enjoyed the fruit wine but I really do feel like another little glass of it. You create such warmth with your content and really invite your audience to experience everything with you both 😉 This series has been great xo

  8. Euni222

    Wow. It’s amazing. I am Korean but live in Canada. You remain me my country and Korean food. lol. Omg…….I am so hungry. I hope you have a fantastic time in Korea. 🙂

  9. 슈빙이지우

    한국은 서울 롯데월드 애버랜드가 재미있어여!나중에도 한국오세오요!
    구독 좋아요 눌렀어요
    재미있게 영상 봤어요♥
    다른 나라 말을 못해서…한국말로 섯어요!♥


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