Until you see Lahore… / PAKISTAN

There is a local saying that until you see Lahore, you have not yet been born. One thing was for sure. There was no way that I was going to miss it.


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first song (0:03): “Losing My Mind” by Redlands

2nd intro song (0:25): “Run for Your Life (Instrumental) by the Seige

fort song (1:17 & 8:28): Chasing Fire by Will Champlin

angelic song (3:58): Oyarsa by Tony Anderson ft. Timbre

main song (5:02 & 9:32 & 13:26 & 16:33 & 17:17): Pioneer of Your Heart by JMR

border song (14:03): Future Hit by Louis II

market song (18:23 & 20:31): Desert Sun by Will Champlin

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