WHAT HAPPENED TO KHAO SAN ROAD? | Bangkok Market, Nightlife & Backpacker Heaven

Khao San Road was the nightlife hub of Bangkok, famous in Thailand. It’s still a night market, but is it still a backpacker haven? ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel for a living —

Khao San Road is one of the most famous and iconic areas in Bangkok.. maybe even all of Thailand. Khao San night market has always been a thing, but it was also famous for it’s bars, street vendors, fake goods, tattoo shops, massage parlours and more.

This travel vlog takes us on a trip to see if it’s still what it was, to see if the old Koh San Road nightlife is still worth visiting! Because In August 2018 restrictions were put on the vendors, stopping them from being out in the day time and restricting where they could go in the evening after 6pm only. Apparently that meant a much more tame existence on the street and less buzz.

From what we experience, the nightlife is still strong, the market setup hasn’t gone and things still get a lot more wild if you stay later into the night or early morning! (which we didn’t 🤣)

Thanks to Wandergo for making this Thailand series happen. They’ve got a super helpful app for travellers and digital nomads. Check them out here — Download the iOS app here —

Also, thanks to BarNewsBangkok for saving the day and sharing some footage with us when our SD card played up! Check out their channel for loads of Khao San videos:

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