Travel Vlog in Cabo with My Girlfriends | Liane V

My amazing friends and I spend some time eating, drinking, sunbathing, and working out during out trip. It was so relaxing and fun to have a getaway like this with so many great friends ❤️


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Liane V is a multiple threat musician, comedian, model, actress, and dancer with over 10 million fans worldwide across all her social media platforms. Since 2014, Liane has been in the studio diligently writing, producing and recording new music, all while shooting comedic videos in between with her squad of urban funny friends. Young, hot, talented,and hilarious, this Filipino girl amassed her first million fans within just seven months, and has over 1.7 BILLION loops on Vine to date.

29 Replies to “Travel Vlog in Cabo with My Girlfriends | Liane V”

  1. Alyssa Aceves

    absolutely beautiful, love you so much & am proud of your strength + constant positivity! The world is a better place w you girls in it, much love <3

  2. Nessa Nessa


  3. Gabriela De La Torre

    omg i admire your work ethic and what you stand for keep being this beautiful bright light and keep creating all this beauty content and dance contant and music here for it!!!

  4. A day in a life with Monet Chavez

    I love this you and your girls are so cute together I love you liane v I want a shoutout

  5. Danica Baker

    Liana guess what your the best person and I now lele pons love youhfkdjchcbcbdnjdbcnfnnchcbdjchdhhdjxbcbdvdndjdbvbcjxbdbc xbxbxbdbbdbdhdhdhdhhdhdhhdjjdkfkfkfkfjfjfjfjfnjfjfnfnnfnfnfnfnfnag thank you for the people who commented in the first sixteen mins

  6. natalie jefferson

    Ur strong and brave to continue being an ACTIVE public figure and expressing ur situation during a critical time in america. God will continue to bless and strengthen you. Both of u. 💚

  7. Porsche Decosta

    I wish I had fun friends like yours 😭 I recently just moved to Hawaii and I haven’t made any friends yet but I know soon I will have to travel around the island. Love you liane ❤️ thanks for the 🔥🔥 Content

  8. Faye Sleiman

    Love this and the squad u have u can just see the loyalty and love u all have for each other. It’s goo to see u got a good support crew by your side. Babe not only are u talented but also beautiful. We plan and god plans and god is the best of planners hope everything works out for u and u just remain happy. Sending u much support and love from Australia ❤️🇦🇺 P.S we can always get u a Aussie boy from down under 😉

  9. Leigh B

    You are amazing and I do enjoy your editing and content. I hope to see more like this. It would be fun to watch you grow in a positive way.

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