ONE WEEK IN PARADISE // Maldives Travel Vlog

OUR WEEK IN PARADISE // Maldives Travel Vlog
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#Maldives #Travel

AD – This video includes a paid advertorial with ELEMIS

We stayed at the fabulous Conrad Rangali Island and received a media rate for our stay – discover the incredible hotel / island here –

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White Beach Dress –
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Pink Wrap Dress –
Straw Tassel Bag –
Zig Zag Beach Trousers –
Black YSL Sunglasses –
Patterned Scallop Shorts –
White Lace Crop Top – //
Shell Bracelet –
Mixed Pearl Necklace –
Pearl ring –
Floral Midi Dress –
White Ruffle Swimsuit –

Straw Hat –
White Scallop Shorts –
Gold necklaces –

Floral Bikini –
Zimmerman Floral Halter Playsuit –

Zimmerman Dress (dolphin evenings) –
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47 Replies to “ONE WEEK IN PARADISE // Maldives Travel Vlog”

  1. susan johnson

    A Pod of playful Dolphins darlings 🌺… Escape to a slice of paradise… Bring on the Spring.🌸🌷🌼🌹🤗

  2. Genes Royalty

    No wonder that you have a porcelain like face because you take good care of it.

    Wonderful place!! We hope we can visit this place,too.

  3. EEN63

    There few things quite as thrilling as seeing a pod of dolphins dancing and frolicking in the water! It amazes me how fearless they are and get so close to the boat. I’m always afraid the motor will nip them. You got such wonderful footage of them playing and showing off for you! Just brilliant! 🐬😍

    While the dolphins thrill me, all those sharks swarming violently about were terrifying! I wasn’t all that keen on the peaceful baby ones practically on the beach! I hope there are plenty of pools, as I don’t think I could brave the water with sharks everywhere! I realize they aren’t great white sharks, but my belly button has been bitten by a little blue gill and bled, so this lady isn’t getting anywhere close to a shark!!! 🦈😲😧😬

    The views are always spectacular and the sunsets sublime! Glad you were able to enjoy your time away!

  4. Genes Royalty

    To the one reading this message, please take care of yourself. 💓💓 lots of love from✈ Philippines

  5. Juanita Mullen

    The floral bikini and dresses are real pretty. The white beach dress link, is the YSL sunglasses link. The pink dress is lovely.🌸

  6. Annie Jones

    I stayed at the Natchafushi Island many years ago. I couldn’t believe how clear the sea was, it was literally like swimming in aquarium, so beautiful. The food, weather, people, islands…. simply heaven on Earth!! I’ve just come back from Thailand- now that’s another beautiful place. I’m depressed to be back in cold, damp England! 🙁

  7. Violinist91

    Charlie is so British.. walking around the island with his tea cup 😀 Josie, you look beautiful as always! love you , guys ! <3

  8. Lady VIP


  9. Anna Hemmings

    Loved this vlog, it was so relaxing with beautiful scenery. You have a unique way of making us feel we are with you on your trips, enjoying your experiences first hand, rather than just watching someone else having a good time. Thank you for taking us along. 🥰 x

  10. Lauren's Life

    This is the dream!!! Loved this vlog, ahh and your outfits were all gorgeous – so much Inspo for my upcoming holiday (Not until September sadly or as luxurious!!!) xx

  11. Sandy H

    Lovely video! As usual you delivered. The Maldives are definitely on my list! This year it is off to St. Lucia. 🙂

  12. Emily Short

    This vlog has definitely added the Maldives onto my list of places I need to go to, it looks magical 😍

  13. Beverley Roberts

    Josie, it's a school or pod of dolphin 😁 Omg! it looked like paradise, so beautiful. You look so nice in everything you wear Josie, wish I had your legs! not even a millimetre of cellulite! 😁 Such a beautiful vlog! Yes naughty tourists killing the coral, I went somewhere once and people were snapping pieces off to take home! 😡 x 😊

  14. WINTER

    You are absolutely self centered going on vacation knowing you can catch the Cornoavirus and bring back to the area you live and you don’t care! Complete narcissism! That’s what self centered people do ! It’s beyond me why anyone would watch you and you did that ! I would never put people in jeopardy over filming and wanting a vacation

  15. zabindhanji

    The Maldives is on my wish list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing the beauty of it with us. I also loved your outfits!

  16. Sybil Francis

    Darling lovely girl…..PLEASE do a better job on vacations slathering on the 45 and up sunscreen covering up.your lovely skin with sunblocking clothing and wearing hats. You did real damage to your beautiful skin in this video. Everytime you burn your skin even to a pink shade you are adding years to your later complexion which you will regret, not to mention much worse possible skin cancers. My husband and I are in our 70s and as fair as you….British heritage. Sunscreens were NOT available at all in our childhoods only a thick white paste called zinc oxide which fair lifeguards used on their noses, no one used it all over their bodies. My husband had more sun exposure as a teen than I and over his lifetime. HE had his first melanoma removed in his 50s luckily,we caught it in time or I would no longer have him.We sailed the Caribbean for 10,yrs as liveaboard sailors in our late 50s BUT we slathered on the sunblock, wore protective clothing, had a large sunshade enclosure on our yacht and we were oh so careful…he must be checked annually for new cancers but so far so good.
    So,you CAN enjoy the outdoors even in the tropics if you are super careful.

    I have used Retin A since we stopped cruising and look in my 50s at 72. Retin A is the ONLY product, the Rx kind,to reduce wrinkling and sun damage , but one must be even MORE careful,when using it bec it makes you more sun sensitive. Expensive night creams other beauuty products do absolutely nothing to,pass the skin barrier as Retin A does and it renews collagen etc. They do NOT, so are a huge waste of money…any good moisturizer does the. same exact thing and dont be fooled by retinol it is a very weak solution thrown into beauty products to deceive. Only the Rx kind goes into the deeper layers of skin. You are young but I imagine by 30 you will be using Retin A because many start in their 20s.

  17. Karen Clark

    So enjoyed this hoping to visit next year what a gorgeous place and you showed it off beautifully. Your outfits are divine xx 😘

  18. Faith Cossu

    Blocked at home with closed relatives not been able to get their chemo session 'cause the hospital is closed to collapse, and seeing your video is just getting to my nerves, to the point that I couldn't get to the end of it for it just feels so inappropriate considering the circumstances right now. Sorry, but it doesn't feel right to me.

  19. Jeannee Waseck

    U r always the epitome of a true English lady, my dear friend across the pond! TY for taking us along!!!

  20. Girl Above The Clouds

    Thank you for your video Josie, it helps keeping us distracted from the virus issues!

    May Jesus keep you safe and your family! God bless

  21. bobi7 tanevski

    LORD JESUS IS COMING 🙏 ! LORD JESUS WIN ON CROSS FOR US 🙏 ! The MESSIAH is Right around the corner ! Church Rapture , are you Ready ???

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