Living on a TINY 28ft Salvaged Sailboat for 2 Years + BOAT TOUR

In this video we meet Maya and Aladino, a couple of sailors who are living full-time on their tiny 28-foot sailboat. They travel slowly with minimal belongings, and they keep their expenses low by doing most boat repairs themselves, and by living as cheaply as possible.

Sailing Magic Carpet is a 1979 Vindø 32 that was lovingly restored by Aladino, who is a certified boatbuilder. Their home-on-water can carry 100 litres of freshwater, it has a small fridge and stove, a 130-watt solar panel, and a 3-cylinder 20hp Yanmar engine.

Maya and Aladino are passionate live-aboard sailors who both learned how to sail and restored their own boats separately before meeting in Europe, falling in love, and moving onto Magic Carpet together.

You can follow Maya and Aladino’s adventures here:

A huge thank you to Maya & Aladino for working on this collaboration with us! We really appreciate all the work you put into filming and sharing your footage with us 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Maya and Aladino from Sailing Magic Carpet

38 Replies to “Living on a TINY 28ft Salvaged Sailboat for 2 Years + BOAT TOUR”

  1. Mark Thompson

    Do you worry about piracy / are there specific areas you have to avoid due to the dangers of piracy?

  2. Chuk Wow

    Wow, such honest and down to Earth people! Liked and subbed in an instant. Now time to watch earlier content.
    Fair winds my new “cyber” friends❤️

  3. Tom Z

    I wish you ppl would also show the dark and ugly sides as well and not just some super-high-res great-weather shots.

  4. Рубэн Шторм

    Thumbs up for that Video. I would like to know how you get Internet and your YouTube from the boat!

  5. Neil F

    I have 2 question, if you can please answer? 1. How do those traveling fulltime on boats deal with pirates?
    2. How do they dispose of their bio waste?

    Thank you.

  6. TJ Thunder

    I lived on a 10m single-mast Tradewinds 33’ for a couple of years. Not much bigger, but there was only one of me.

  7. Not My Name

    I know it makes me sound like a total POS, but I often fantasize about leaving my wife, children, and job for the boat life. Probably never do it, but it's been a consistent thought for several years.

  8. Vicki K

    How in the world is that girl not as brown as the sand??? All that sun and surf? I'd be tanned like a leather saddle! (that would be my goal anyway)

  9. Grzegorz Oklinski

    Here it goes: She established youtube channel in order to inspire other people craving this lifestyle, but the only reason she can live this lifestyle is this youtube channel in the first place. So we either run out of youtube channels, or subsrcibers/patreons that run this whole scam 😀

    Just kidding… i think. Anyway, very kind people and interesting story 🙂

  10. Donald Bruno

    I would like to try your lifestyle…should done it years ago…love the water and think I would have enjoyed sailing like you. To old for it now but will keep watching and enjoying.

  11. Brian Meskanen

    Thank you for this wonderful video. I don't think I'll be buying that old yaxt I had my eye on. The dream exceeds my capabities.

  12. Andrew Heffel

    I am a 66 year old grump, not impressed with much. But I am very impressed with you both and how you have chosen to live. You prepared. You worked. And you use your heads. You could have been successful living a traditional life, but you chose to take the road less traveled. And the future is wide open for you. If you can do this successfully, you can do anything. God bless you both.

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