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  1. Ashlyn Reed

    I would watch any kind of video you post Tess! I have been watching your videos for years now (you got me hooked on Pirate's Booty as a snack, lol) & I will never stop supporting you or your channel. Keep up the hard work girl. Sending love. xx

  2. Ellie Le Comber

    everytime i watch your videos i fall in love with u and pat even more 🥺 pat’s “so i got you balloons” the cutest ever

  3. Joy Garoz

    You always manage to make so many wholesome videos. Thank you for checking on us, taking your time to make these videos are always truly appreciated and i am glad good things have continued to come your way despite these times.

  4. Samantha Schian

    been following you from what feels like the beginning. Cannot wait for this clothing line. It truly showcases the best aspects of your style and personality 🤍

  5. Ana Paula Medina

    that final clip made me tear up! those little moments with people and places that we love are what makes life so especial 💗

  6. valeria

    Hi Tess, do you have a depop account? Or do you sell some of the clothes you don't use anymore? I love your style

  7. Mavelin Nunez

    Lysm u r the sweetest. I recently got some adult coloring books, puzzles, n word search books to keep myself busy during these times. It definitely helps n is so relaxing. I enjoy them n maybe u can also find some old hobbies that u used to do when u were younger n do them now. Have a good one. Xoxo

  8. Elise B.

    This video reminded me of how much I love your content and your personality! I fell behind this summer as I was working everyday, but I will definitely watch the content I missed asap (and your voice is so soothing!) Also, I must say that seeing you and Pat at the very end of the video moved me, you guys radiate so much love and light it's just beautiful to watch. I hope you will be able to see your friends and family soon, and that you will feel better. In the meantime, sending love and good vibes to you both ❤

  9. findKHRISTINE

    lol I bought one of those "dessert" dishes at a thrift store once.. and yes exactly that! for when I feel extra AF 😛

  10. Daniela Martinez

    Omg the last part gave me such a bigggg smile, hope you're okay and congrats on your line can't wait!!!

  11. Lorena Salas

    I’m back to work in the office 3x per week and that’s helped feel a little bit more “normal.” Hope you and everyone is doing okay and staying safe! ❤️

  12. grace riv

    Love vlogs! I understand you a little bit, I'm not in the same situation with the pandemic (still quarantine). But I had to make so many changes because I was getting too much anxiety and at some point I even felt depressed in April because it was my last semester and didn't know if I would graduate (I did). But exercise, meditation, and cooking has helped me so much. I'm more clear now that I established a routine and love it. Even started an online program which I'm enjoying greatly and already made some new friends. For me it's been about getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Hopefully it would end soon!

  13. zoe sun

    You look like you're in such a good place mentally and im so happy to see you do great! Been following you for years and i really did felt a low energy for the past couple videos… so im happy you're happy❤💕❣

  14. Kelli Renee

    My husband has been still working through the pandemic. I work in the special education field, so I have been home since March 13th. I sit home everyday with my dog alone. My mental health has been going in waves. You are awesome Tess!

  15. Erin and Matt

    I love your intro and how you talk to us. I've been quarantined with my boyfriend for the past four months and It can be really hard and boring sometimes. Mental health is very important right now. We try to go out for hikes as a way to free our minds a little from everything happening and to breath in some fresh air 🙂 Congrats on your clothing line btw!

  16. Nature Nutrient

    Growth!!! I started watching you when I was 22 years young lol 😀
    Lol it took me almost 10 years to finally find my voice & put content out 😭😂🤣
    Your top when you went to the park !!? Ii love it 💕😁 plz add to your new line. Plz plz plz plz !

  17. Lil S.

    I'm at the point in which I've deleted instagram, broke up with my ex boyfriend (now since half a year), cut off some toxic friends and now I'm left with only myself trying to figure out who I am and what feels right. At the moment I feel like no one truly gets me but I also know that I have to get myself and that's all that matters now.

  18. Blake H

    If you guys are comfortable with it maybe you can go upstate to an isolated Airbnb and get a change of scenery 🥺 hang in there!

  19. Jennifer L

    Tess could film herself everyday during quarantine in the same pjs, eating the same food, while watching the same episode of the vampire diaries over and over and over…And I’d STILL watch her vlogs😂

  20. Coley

    got married a week after you and Patrick and my husband and I have also found ourselves stuck at home for our first year of marriage. can't believe this is what it has come to! haha. hope you guys are taking care and have something fun planned for your first year anniversary (it doesn't have to be extravagant at all!)

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