End of Summer OOTW | how I style my line!

Fall collection coming soon! (We plan to restock some of the first collection in early October)


Music by Carter Vail – Silent Movies –

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Corset Top (size up):



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31 Replies to “End of Summer OOTW | how I style my line!”

  1. Tess Christine

    Thank you for watching and thank you again for all the support for Backyard Roses! Very thankful for you. Let me know below which look was your favorite!! xx

  2. Kristina x


  3. dancingmango

    I love your style, character and videos so much, so please upload more videos and longer videos 😭

  4. Hey Katinka

    I‘d LOVE to see a video where you style the same piece in different ways! I feel like your Khrystine jacket would be so versatile in fall ❤️

  5. Dilek Barut

    What l like the most about Tess is that, she is really so clear. She never talk so much. She speaks succinctly. I never skip her videos because l do not need it. 💖 l never get bored.

  6. Sophia Rose

    I’m really sad I didn’t get the chance to purchase any of these items. I really hope I get the chance in next collection 🙏🏽

  7. Julia Julie

    How to make the outfit look good
    Step 1: Have the perfect body
    Step 2: Have the perfect body
    Stept 3: All of the above


    I was so bummed I went on at like 1.06pm est and all the clothes I want were gone 😭 but congrats and I’m so excited to see the next few collections 💖

  9. Lorenza Santana

    Tess, is it on your plans to make your clothing line available for women all sizes? Xo, love your channel 😘

  10. Reijane Costa

    I can see the passion in your eyes when you talk about your clothing line. It's beautiful. Please update your hairstyle and makeup routine, you look gorgeous. Hugs from Brazil ❤

  11. thatbrown gurl

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful how many times can I say this 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. harrisonpamela40

    As always, you create outfits with a chic, yet wearable and comfy style. Love all of the looks so much!😍

  13. Arianna Dugan

    I️ wish I️ wasn’t in college so I️ could afford your line 😂 I’m so happy for you regardless!

  14. Alexa Cardenas

    im wondering why… if the demand is CLEARLY so overwhelmingly high… there can't be just a full restock? i'm so bummed i didnt get to order anything.. is it because all the pieces are meant to be super limited edition? I guess lesson learned that i need to set an alarm for the next launch lol

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