Family Living in Off-Grid Tiny House to Save Money & Work Less

Krystine & Bruce recently moved into a 34-foot long tiny house on wheels with their two daughters to be able to own a home, work less, and spend more time together as a family. The tiny house was built and financed by Mint Tiny Homes in BC, and it was transported across Canada to where the family is renting a piece of land from someone they met on Facebook in Ontario.

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The Rainbow Tiny House is fully off-grid with a solar power system and backup generator for electricity, propane for heat, a 1,400-gallon water tank, and a composting toilet.

Some of the unique features of this tiny include a massive 8’x3’ walk in closet, a double loft with two bedrooms, a storage staircase, and a full-size bathtub!

A lot of people find the $100k price tag on tiny houses to be a little high these days, but after speaking with many builders, we’ve realized that they have so many more overhead costs than a DIY build, including: paying staff for admin, building, and designing, renting or building a warehouse, insurance, certifications, marketing, transportation, as well as contractors for installing electrical, gas, and plumbing. The cost of tiny appliances and a new trailer are often much higher than what people expect, too, so it all adds up!

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28 Replies to “Family Living in Off-Grid Tiny House to Save Money & Work Less”

  1. SmithsGoTiny 13

    Very beautiful build we have a tiny with two kids as well. I love your two “bedroom “ loft design .

    Sending positive vibes from the Smith family !

  2. MLJ Shell

    Nice build. Use a pond aerator in your water tank outside. We have a huge pond and have 4 aerators and the pond never freezes over. Best Wishes Always! 👍😊👍

  3. Malena Ferina

    There is a lot of space just look at tye beautiful forest so peaceful. Am ready to rent my house and move but can't find land to buy 🙁

  4. Taylor 5587

    Aww what a cute family! Housing in this country is becoming so unaffordable.. and that’s before even considering health care and saving for/paying off college 🙃 (I’m in the USA.. idk if they are in CA?)

    Tiny living is great! You can live in a beautiful space that works for your life ❤️ wishing this family the best!

  5. NIGEL H

    This is a beautifully designed and presumably custom built to the wishes of the family. The word 'ergononic' comes to mind. Not sure I would describe it as 'tiny' – looks as though it has quite a lot of space! But what a wonderful place to live – and from thenumber of views/viewers, the audience feel the same way.

  6. Andrew Millard

    Sorry, it is not Off-grid if you use Propane and have water delivered. You are reliant on the system. No plastic toys but those clothes are made from plastic. Plastic water tank, toilet, window and door frames. It isn't like an Earthship dwelling.
    It is a tiny house with solar panels, nothing else!

  7. ArgChica

    My question is and always has been but never had the answer. Is washing big clothes. Do you go somewhere or do you constantly wash by hand? If by hand how much water waste?

  8. sketchybackroundkid

    if they're not into the cleaning for composting toilets they should look into the energy requirements for an incinerating toilet

  9. Cats Cattying

    How long have they been living full time in this tiny house? Judging by the uninsulated water cistern and the non-skirted house, they have not gone through a winter yet. Hopefully the house is super well insulated and they won’t need to run the propane furnace too much. Otherwise, they’re likely to have issues with condensation.

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